10 Pet Peeves That Make Dog Owners Howl in Frustration

Dog ownership comes with its own share of joy and jitters. But what really gets under the skin of canine caretakers? Forbes Advisor fetched insights from a whopping 10,000 dog owners to sniff out the top pet peeves plaguing pooch parents from coast to coast. Stay tuned as we reveal the ruff reality of dog ownership in the US.

Finding a Reliable Dogsitter

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The top pet peeve for dog owners across 43 states is the hassle of securing a trustworthy sitter when traveling without their dogs. This concern, shared by 37% of owners, underscores the importance of finding a sitter who not only tends to the basic needs of the pets but also offers the same level of care and affection they are accustomed to, ensuring peace of mind when they are away.

Finding dog-friendly hotels during vacation

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For 24% of American dog owners, vacationing with their furry companions comes with the added stress of finding dog-friendly accommodations. The challenge is particularly pronounced in Georgia, where 39% of owners cite it as their pet peeve. The search for a welcoming stay for both humans and hounds was higher for many in Florida (59%), California (49%), and Alaska (40%), highlighting a widespread need for more inclusive hospitality options for pet parents on the move.

Having To Walk and Exercise Their Dog

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For 23% of dog owners, the daily commitment to walk and exercise their dogs is more of a chore than a cheerful activity. The annoyance isn’t just a personality quirk; it’s a sentiment echoed across six states as the top annoyance. Whether playing fetch, visiting the dog park, or hiking trails, the responsibility of keeping their dog active weighs heavily on many, turning what should be a bonding experience into a begrudging task.

The Cost of Owning a Dog

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The cost of owning a dog is a common concern for 23% of American pet owners, ranking as the fourth most common annoyance. From kibble to clinic visits, the expenses accumulate, making the financial aspect of pet care a significant source of stress. It is the second-highest annoyance in 11 states and the third in 10 others, with dog food taking the largest chunk of the budget at 38.8%. This highlights the need for budget-friendly pet care solutions.

Excessive Barking

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Excessive barking strikes a chord with 20% of dog owners, marking it a leading pet peeve in the US. This canine chorus of complaints is especially loud in Utah, where 26% of owners find it particularly irksome. Whether it is a reaction to the doorbell or a squirrel chase, the persistent bark has become a disruptive soundtrack for many, echoing as the second and third top annoyance in twelve and nine states, respectively.

Excessive Shedding

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Excessive shedding is a hairy hassle for 17% of dog owners, ranking as a significant nuisance. The constant presence of dog hair on furniture and clothing necessitates frequent cleaning, a task that states like Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, Vermont, and Tennessee rate as their second-top annoyance. In Vermont, 28.5% of dog owners cite shedding as their primary concern, reflecting a widespread desire for fewer lint rollers and more leisure time with their less furry friends.

Having to Pick Up Dog Waste

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Though it is essential for public health and neighborly courtesy, picking up dog waste is a pet peeve for 15% of owners. It ranks as the second-top annoyance in Indiana, Montana, and Oregon and third in Michigan. Oregonians feel the strongest about this duty, with 28% marking it as a pet peeve. Though it is not a very pleasant aspect of dog ownership, it’s essential for a cleaner, healthier community space.

Taking the Dog to The Vet

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Navigating the vet visits is an issue for 13% of dog owners, a testament to the responsibilities that come with caring for a canine. While not topping the annoyance list in any state, the need for regular and emergency vet care is a significant concern, especially in Florida, where 40% of owners find it bothersome. Coupled with the fact that vet care is the second-highest expense for owners, it’s clear that while necessary, these trips to the vet can be a source of stress for many.

When the Pet Dirties the House and Furniture

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Dealing with a dog’s muddy paws and fur on furniture is a pet peeve for 11% of dog owners in the US. This annoyance doesn’t top the chart in any state, but it is notably prevalent in Missouri, where 20% of owners express their vexation. Conversely, Washington and Florida boast the tidiest canines, with only 4.5% of owners facing this furry frustration.

When the Dog Jumps on the Owner or Others

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A dog’s enthusiastic leap onto people can be endearing yet bothersome, stirring mixed feelings among 10% of dog owners. This behavior doesn’t lead the pack in pet peeves nationally but stands out in Idaho, where 19% of owners find it particularly bothersome. Meanwhile, Washington and Hawaii report the least concern, with only 4% of owners viewing it as a nuisance. This highlights the need for balanced training to manage our pet’s bounding exuberance.

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