12 Behaviors That Are Legal Yet Face Social Stigma

Legality and morality are often considered two sides of the same coin. However, it is interesting to note that many things that are doable under the law aren’t done as often by people.  Let’s look at 12 such things which are legal but aren’t considered acceptable in society. 

Public Nudity

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From the outset, it might seem like nudity is illegal and a public offense. On the contrary, it is legal in most regions, although some conditions apply. However, you’d rarely find people walking around without any clothes on. The common belief is that people who walk around nude have the potential to cause public mayhem and offend people. Also, nudists are generally not welcomed in society as they’re seen in poor light in terms of the moral code.

Dating Older People

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They say that a person’s private life shouldn’t be of an outsider’s concern, but society has ways of peeking into it. One of the so-called taboos is regarding the age gap between couples. When two people involved in a relationship have a big age difference, it will likely draw attention. Especially if the woman is the older one. Generally, a minimal age gap is considered ideal for the longevity and compatibility between the couple. Love and relationships have no set formula, and these societal theories are baseless. Relationships with bigger age gaps are perfectly legal and are as likely to succeed/fail as any other kind of relationship.

Public Smoking

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Smoking has been stylized in films, but over the years the awareness of its potential health hazards has spread. However, smoking in public is still legal as long as smokers don’t violate restrictions regarding specific smoking spaces. This makes the general public loathe active smokers, and the habit is generally considered to be a sign of an immoral person.

Showing Public Affection

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Much like nudity, this is another misconception among the public. Kissing or showing extreme methods of affection in a public space is perfectly legal. It may make people around the couple uncomfortable, but that doesn’t make the actions illegal. Society’s unspoken rules say that if a couple is so open to showing their affection publicly, they are considered to be immoral, which is not the case.

Offensive Speech

Using foul language in a public space is commonly perceived to be illegal. However, freedom of speech makes people immune to the legality of their actions. Unless there is a blatant provocation of a community or religion, people can get away with an offensive speech in public, no matter how shallow the language is. Such people are, however, looked down upon by society.

Dumpster Diving 

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It’s not uncommon for people to dive deep into the dumps and trash bins. The most frequent reason for this is to retrieve a lost object, which could be highly valuable. While this is not illegal, society looks down upon those who undertake such an action. 

Political Extremism 

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Promoting or embracing political ideologies, no matter how extreme they are, perfectly falls within the legal framework. Society tends to have a negative bias towards people who promote extremism. Particularly if their ideologies encourage violence, hatred, and discrimination through any method. People perceive such a set of people to be a threat to the integrity and security of the region.

Loud Phone Conversations

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Speaking loudly on the phone in a public space is inevitable at times even for the most restrained of speakers. Some people even get embarrassed when their speech volumes involuntarily hit a high. Speaking loudly or putting phones on loudspeakers are bound to be judged in a wrong manner and are likely to annoy those around them with their sound levels.

Discussing Personal Problems On Social Media

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In this day and age of social media, people love to express themselves entirely on social media. Sharing personal joys is a common occurrence, but so is discussing personal problems and worries. People feel lighter by sharing their burden on social media, but the general perception from society is that such people are attention seekers. At the same time, many find such public confessions quite uncomfortable.

Overdose of Alcohol 

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Having alcohol is a common mode of enjoyment for people who like to unwind during their leisure time. However, it is also routine to see many people drowning in alcohol by taking high doses of it. Now, this isn’t illegal by any means, but an overdose of alcohol can lead to a person losing grip over their persona. Subsequently, it can cause self-harm or create a destructive environment around the person.

Uncontrollable Children

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We often see children causing havoc with their sound in a public space. Kids are inevitably tough to control, and if the parents aren’t strict enough, the toddlers are likely to create carnage. For example, in a movie theater, it is common to see toddlers being noisy, disrupting the entertainment. However, it is perfectly legal for parents to take their kids in public, irrespective of the nuisance they may cause.

Breastfeeding in Public 

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For some reason, people find it disturbing to see women breastfeeding in public. Legally, there is no restriction to this action but for some reason, it isn’t socially acceptable. It is ideal for the mother and child to have a private space. Unfortunately, women who breastfeed in public aren’t seen in a good light, as people tend to look down upon them.

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