14 High Paying Jobs Continuously Unfilled

With the economy continuously reopening, the labor market has been quite turbulent. Millions of jobs are going unfilled, and one major factor behind this was the onset of Covid-19. The pandemic caused a major churn in the US labor market with widespread job losses and people leaving their existing jobs to find something viable, leading to the Great Resignation.

This onset has paved the way for the increasing amount of high-paying jobs going unfilled. In this post, we will be talking about jobs that go unfilled despite increasing demands.

Home Nurse

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With an average annual salary of $68,660, a home nurse or health aide provides personal care and assistance to patients in their homes. Most of these patients are older adults or people suffering from chronic illnesses. A home nurse assists them with basic healthcare needs, such as checking up on their medications and ensuring their long-term care. Even with a high wage, the position almost remains unfilled because of the intense demands of the role. This job requires specific qualifications and a great degree of dedication and expertise in handling at-home patients.


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Dispatchers play a crucial role in various industries, such as transportation, emergency services, and logistics. They coordinate and manage the flow of information and resources, ensuring efficient operations. Despite the average annual salary of around $68,370, these positions often remain open. The job demands strong communication skills, the ability to handle stressful situations, and often, irregular hours. These requirements can deter potential candidates, leading to vacancies.


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The teaching profession is often an option on the sidelines because of the not-so-lucrative image. The low growth and compensation are also most likely factors of the job remaining unfilled. Even with an average wage of $66,397, there are a notable number of vacancies in the field. There has also been a lack of qualifications and capability among candidates.

Truck Driver

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The transportation industry has been particularly hard hit by job vacancies, and truck drivers are among the most critical roles. With average earnings of approximately $51,578 per year, truck drivers are essential for moving goods across long distances. However, the job requires long hours, extensive travel, and significant time away from home, making it less attractive to many job seekers.

Construction Laborer

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On average, approximately 151,400 job openings for construction laborers and helpers are expected each year. A construction worker earns an average of $44,310 per year. Still, there is an urgent need to attract more workers into the construction sector to support its crucial role in economic growth and infrastructure development. According to a model developed by Associated Builders and Contractors, the construction industry is projected to require an additional 501,000 workers beyond its usual hiring rate in 2024 to satisfy labor demands. This labor shortage is severely impacting the industry’s ability to keep up with demand.


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Electricians are vital for installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical power systems and equipment. Despite an average annual salary of about $61,590 per year, the field struggles to fill positions. The job requires technical skills and certifications, which involve significant training and apprenticeships. Moreover, the physical demands and hazardous nature of the work can be a deterrent.

Cybersecurity Specialist

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As businesses increasingly rely on digital solutions, the demand for cybersecurity specialists has skyrocketed. These professionals, who earn an average of $92,249 annually, are tasked with protecting IT infrastructures from cyber threats and attacks. The complexity and ever-evolving nature of cyber threats make this field particularly challenging to staff, as it requires a high level of expertise and continuous learning.


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Hydrologists are scientists who study how water moves across the Earth’s crust. They use their knowledge to address problems such as water quality and availability. This job requires both in-office and fieldwork. With a median salary of $88,770 per year, this job is highly lucrative but remains unfilled due to a lack of information and awareness. It is also such a niche field that people require specific knowledge to pursue this role.

Medical Service Manager

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A medical services manager typically earns an average salary of $110,680 per year. This role involves overseeing the operations of health services within an organization, which could include managing an entire medical practice or just a specific department. The manager’s responsibilities encompass setting and monitoring organizational goals, ensuring compliance with health regulations, and managing financial aspects such as budgets. While this position is in high demand, especially due to the aging population, it remains difficult to fill due to the need for highly experienced and qualified candidates in healthcare management.

Ethical Hacker

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Also known as information security analysts, ethical hackers use their skills to help certain organizations identify and tackle computer security issues. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job prospects for ethical hackers are expected to grow by 32% by 2032. However, even with the increasing demand and a lucrative annual salary of $120,360, the job goes unfilled. This is probably because of the lack of education and knowledge required to build secure technology, implement protocols, and effectively respond to hacks.

Financial Advisor

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With an average salary of $99,580 per year, financial advisors evaluate their clients’ financial situations, offer advice, and help set financial goals. They also manage their clients’ accounts to ensure financial health and often recommend or make investments for them. This job can be hard to fill because there are more positions available than young professionals entering the field. This gap is exacerbated by many older professionals retiring or leaving for different careers.


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Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) play a vital role in providing life-saving care during emergencies, earning an annual salary of $44,780 per year. However, there is often a shortage of qualified and passionate candidates, which leads to many EMT positions remaining unfilled. In 2023, the shortage of EMTs and paramedics has become a critical issue impacting emergency medical services across the United States.

Physical Therapist

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Physical therapists are healthcare professionals who assist patients in improving their mobility and recovering from injuries or surgeries. They evaluate patients’ conditions, create tailored treatment plans, and track their improvement. They have an annual wage of $99,710. However, it still faces labor shortages probably because the role is challenging to fill, even after high demands, requiring specialized qualifications.

Application Software Developers

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Application software developers are IT experts who design and develop software apps for computers and mobile devices. The average wage of a software developer is $168,570. They work in diverse fields, from game development to business application production, designing software to meet these needs, and conducting tests to ensure functionality and performance. This role is challenging to staff due to the high level of specialized technical skills required to keep up with the constant demand for new software.

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