17 Surprising Products You Might Want to Think Twice About Buying at Aldi

Since 1976, ALDI has been a go-to shopping destination for USA residents. This amazing supermarket has over 2300 stores all over the country selling practically everything.

Yet, there are some products that you should never buy at ALDI for various reasons. Take a look at our suggestions and keep these items out of your ALDI cart the next time.


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There’s no surprise that ALDI offers lucrative offers on many chicken items. Yet, many loyal ALDI shoppers are not fond of its packaged chicken. According to online polls, the packaged chicken breast in ALDI does not have good textures or taste. So, you better keep them away from your list.

Fresh Produce

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Buying fresh produce such as fruits or vegetables is quite convenient at ALDI. Unfortunately, no supermarket can offer you freshly sourced produce at all times. The fresh produce aisle at ALDI is not always filled with the most fresh products. So, you had better get them at a local market rather than compromise their quality.

Deli Meat

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ALDI offers a variety of deli meats, including ham, turkey, roast beef, and salami. While the quality of ALDI’s deli meat satisfies most customers, some have certain other issues. ALDI stores do not usually provide customized deli meats. So, if you are too particular about slicing your deli meat, you better look for other stores.


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ALDI’s yogurt is generally a little runny in texture. This texture does not affect taste. Still, it might not be suitable for many recipes requiring thick yogurt. Try other yogurt brands if you want to make a parfait or something similar.

Brand-Name Products

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ALDI has several in-house brands, such as ‘Specially Selected,’Earth Grown,’ ‘Simply Nature, ‘ etc. These brands mainly produce dairy, eggs, bakery items, and frozen foods. You can get these house-brand products at unbelievable prices. On the other hand, the other brand-name products at ALDI will not fetch you great savings. Additionally, you can not rely on any brand’s coupons, as ALDI does not accept those.

Certain Dairy Products

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Aldi’s dairy products are generally popular among customers. Yet, some customers have reported issues with the quality or taste of certain items like milk or cheese over time. You could always try out these products to see if they meet your standards. Please be cautious in doing so.

Specialty Items

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ALDI’s specialty items are often intriguing and affordable. However, they may not always meet the same standards as similar items from other retailers. It would help if you always read reviews beforehand. You could even try out these products yourself before making a bulk purchase.

Frozen Meals and Packaged Foods

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ALDI offers a variety of frozen meals and convenience foods at competitive prices. Sadly, some customers have reported issues with taste, texture, portion size, or pricing. The brand-name packaged food items are not always savings-friendly. On the other hand, frozen meals from ALDI’s house brands might not suit your preference.

ALDI’s Soda

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ALDI has made a name for itself in knock-off products. Its famous soda line tries to capture the taste of cola and Pepsi. Yet, its products do not quite have that touch. For an ardent soda lover, ALDI’s soda items will not be heart-winning.

Hard Taco Shells

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Given how important tacos are in our diets, ALDI sometimes disappoints with their taco offerings. While some have appreciated their newest range of tacos, some have complained about the consistency. Many regular buyers said on social media that ALDI’s taco shells are not strong enough to hold fillings.


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ALDI sells the most top-branded dairy products, including a variety of cheeses. While ALDI’s block cheese variety is easy to melt, the shredded kind might disappoint you. If you like melted cheese in your food, we suggest you look for other alternatives than ALDI’s.

Pet Food and Supplies

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ALDI offers pet food and supplies at lower prices than many other retailers. Even then, customers are not always satisfied with the quality of these products. Some reported issues regarding the nutritional value of certain products. Some other customers complained about their pets not being happy with the taste.

Paper Products

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From groceries to household items, pet care products to baby care products, ALDI offers all kinds of items in an affordable price range. Still, we suggest you don’t buy paper towels or bath tissues from them. Many other big-box stores offer better discounts on paper products than ALDI. While ALDI’s paper products might not be pricey, you can save more on them at other stores.

Household Cleaning Products

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ALDI’s house brand household items are undoubtedly cheaper than many other brands. The question is whether they can deliver the same quality as customers expect. You might find some of their products less effective than others. Testing out different products or reading reviews can help you find suitable items.

Personal Care Items

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At ALDI, the range of personal care products like shampoo, soap, and skincare can be hit or miss. They may vary in effectiveness compared to those from other retailers. There have been cases of skin irritation and less-than-expected results reported by some shoppers. IIt’s wise to choose these items with care.


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There have been complaints about ALDI’s batteries. People often argue that they might not last as long as those from other brands. If you rely heavily on batteries, it is better to look for other options. You should invest in higher-quality ones from a different retailer.

Electronics and Appliances

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Electronics and appliances are available on ALDI mainly as part of its Special Buys. However, some customers have reported issues with the quality or durability of these items. We recommend careful research before purchase. Consider purchasing electronics and appliances from more specialized retailers.

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