12 Cheap Countries Offering Big Adventures for U.S. Tourists

Most Americans want to travel, but astronomical resort fees, airfares, local food and sightseeing experience costs deter them. Hence, you must choose countries where you will get the most value for the US dollar. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive if you choose the right place to visit. 

Read on to know 12 cheap countries to visit from the United States.


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Hungary is very affordable in terms of accommodation, food, and transportation. Opt for the efficient and affordable public transport in Budapest, eat at local markets, learn about history and culture with free city walking tours, and stay in hostels with a furnished kitchen. 

A one-week trip to Budapest for two people, on average, costs $1,329.

Cheapest time to visit – January-February

South Korea

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It is high time Americans consider other Asian countries apart from Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand. South Korea offers a lot of value with its buzzing nightlife, stunning countryside, and fantastic food scenes. You can find mouth-watering treats from street food stalls for as little as $2 to $5. 

South Korea boasts an efficient, extensive, and cheap public transport system, while you will find budget hotels and hostels starting at around $30 per night.

A one-week trip to South Korea for two mid-range travelers, on average, costs $700-$1200. The cheapest time to visit is December to March as the cold weather keeps most tourists away.


Registan, an old public square in the heart of the ancient city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan.
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Uzbekistan is an offbeat and lesser-known destination that is now finding itself as one of the most exciting and affordable tourist destinations in Central Asia. Whether you are a history buff, foodie, or a shopping freak, Uzbekistan is the right place. Not to mention, it is very cheap as well. Uzbekistan offers an array of budget tours.

A one-week tour to Uzbekistan per person with a private driver on average costs $470-$700. A backpacking trip through the country will cost a lot less. 

The cheapest time to visit is late November or March


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Beautiful, exotic, diverse, cheap, and relatively undiscovered places best describe Georgia. Tourists are in for a veritable treat with quirky buildings, sulfur baths, orthodox churches, beautiful countryside, wine regions, and lively cafes. Opt for public transport that is quite cheap or join the tours organized by small local agencies.

A one-week trip to Georgia for two mid-range travelers, on average, costs $455.

Cheapest time to visit – November-April; but keep in mind that temperatures dip below freezing between December to March.

Sri Lanka

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After the political and financial debacle of 2022, the Sri Lankan rupee has become more favorable. This island country offers leafy tea plantations, Buddhist temples, palm-fringed stunning beaches, and hiking trails. Even if you don’t intend to backpack through Sri Lanka, you can still get by quickly on a relatively low budget. Consider flying in via India, as it is cheaper. Homestays are a more affordable and better way to know the culture.

On average, a one-week trip to Sri Lanka for two mid-range travelers costs $380.

The cheapest time to visit is May to October if you don’t mind the rain. 


Turquoise sea of Hvar island, franciscian monastery view in Dalmatia, Croatia
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With rustic old churches, lazy beachside towns, and imposing stone walls, Croatia is a comforting mix of Eastern European and Mediterranean cultures. Avoid the big cities and explore the lesser-known but equally charming cities of Rovinj, Opatija, Porec, and Pula in the Istrian region to get value for your money. 

Transportation between cities in the region by train or bus is cheap. You can get good espresso at affordable prices at $2-$3. 

A one-week trip to Croatia for two people, on average, costs $1,442.

Cheapest time to visit – September-October


Famous attraction of Ubud - The Tegallalang  Rice Terraces in Bali, Indonesia
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Despite being one of the top Asian tourist destinations, Indonesia remains an affordable vacation spot. While Bali is the obvious choice for millions of tourists worldwide, you can enjoy a much cheaper and more relaxing holiday on the islands of Sumba, Sumatra, Lombok, or Java, or eat to your heart’s content in the many warungs (food stalls) in Jakarta for no more than a couple of dollars. Java boasts reliable public transportation and even flights are frequent and reasonably priced.

A one-week trip to Bali for two people on average costs $1,071. 

Cheapest time to visit – January-February; it is also the wet season.


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Bolivia is the cheapest country to visit in South America. It is home to some of the top destinations in South America and boasts exciting and diverse cultures. It’s magical to see Salar de Uyuni (Uyuni salt flats) and Lake Titicaca, hike through Amazon rainforests, and cycle through the North Yungas Road cycling trail. Overall, food and local transport are cheap. 

A one-week trip to Bolivia for two people, on average, costs $732. 

The cheapest time to visit is April to May; from May onwards, the country sees a high season in tourism.


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Whether it’s hiking the mountains, shopping in city souks, savoring street food, or wandering the desert, Morocco is an absolute delight for tourists. Consider staying in a guesthouse, homestay, or a reasonable Riad.

A one-week trip to Morocco for two people, on average, costs $948. 

The cheapest time to visit – July-August; summers can get uncomfortably hot. 


Baku, Azerbaijan, 07.26.2019. Fortress walls of the old city, view of the Flame towers and TV tower, against the blue sky
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The past few years have seen a steady rise in exploring destinations closed for mass tourism, and Azerbaijan is considered one such hot tourist destination. Azerbaijan is an affordable place, though it is rolling in oil money. Although Baku can be a bit expensive, once you leave the capital, the prices drop substantially.

A two-week trip to Azerbaijan for an average tourist will cost between $600 to $900 including the cost of plane tickets and visas. 

Cheapest time to visit – February and November 


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Colombia is an incredible and budget-friendly country. The country boasts breathtaking landscapes, tropical Caribbean beaches, charming colonial towns, mysterious monuments, and glorious mountains. While food is cheap, remember eating in sit-down restaurants costs much more than fast food or street food.

A one-week trip to Colombia for two people, on average, costs $638. 

Cheapest time to visit – October to November


Ruins of the Zvartnos temple in Yerevan, Armenia, with Mt Ararat in the background
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The birthplace of Christianity, Armenia is a charming east-European country that is home to awe-inspiring landscapes, unique archaeological monuments, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. 

A one-week trip to Armenia for two people, on average, costs $395. 

The cheapest time to visit – is September-end through mid-November or January if you don’t mind a bit of snow.

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