18 Things Middle Class Do That Rich Don’t

Spending habits can tell us a lot about a person’s lifestyle and priorities. In this article, we look at how people from different financial backgrounds spend their money in various aspects of life.


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With owning a dream car becoming a distant dream, middle-class people often rent expensive cars for a long time. Some even spend a considerable amount of money on it because they like it. Rich people, on the other hand, buy cars with cash or short loans taken under their business name (which essentially makes is a business asset).

Brand Names

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Middle-class individuals often view well-known brand names as a status symbol or a sign of success. Purchasing products from recognizable brands allows them to signal their socioeconomic status to others and feel a sense of belonging or validation. Rich people don’t need to show off with brands and often focus on clothes that don’t flash brand names.


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With deteriorating house affordability, middle-class people are buying houses in the suburbs. Some even think owning a house as a necessity and status symbol. Rich people buy expensive properties and invest in real estate to grow their income. Owning a house to live in comes last on their list of priorities.


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Middle-class families often opt for package trips as they offer cost-effective travel solutions, allowing them to stretch their budget while still enjoying vacations. In contrast, wealthy individuals tend to indulge in luxurious and extravagant travel experiences, exploring exotic destinations and indulging in high-end accommodations and activities.


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The middle class typically purchases electronics based on their needed functionality, prioritizing practicality and value for money. They tend to choose devices that fulfill their basic requirements without unnecessary frills or luxury features. For instance, they might buy a laptop primarily for work or study purposes, focusing on factors like performance, durability, and affordability.

Conversely, the wealthy often invest in electronics with extravagant features and cutting-edge technology. An example could be a luxury smartphone with exclusive design elements and extravagant embellishments or installing toilet seats that remain warm even in cold weather.


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Middle-class people often have unpaid doctor bills and medical debt. Rich people can pay these bills easily whether or not their insurance covers it.

Child Care

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Middle-class families often face financial strain trying to afford child care and extracurricular activities while both parents work to make ends meet. In contrast, wealthy families typically have the means to hire personal nannies and invest generously in enriching activities for their children, reflecting their financial security and ability to provide a higher standard of care and opportunities for their kids.

Home Renovations

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Middle-class people make their homes look nice with thrift stores and DIY products and often let them be the way they are. Rich people often renovate and design their homes by hiring interior designers.

Work Clothes

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Middle-class individuals typically prioritize practicality and affordability when purchasing work clothes, opting for casual attire suitable for everyday use in professional settings. In contrast, wealthy individuals often invest in tailored, high-quality suits crafted from premium materials, reflecting their desire for sophistication, exclusivity, and attention to detail.


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Middle-class people go to concerts and events. Rich people go to unique, expensive events. Some even hire chatered planes or go for space exploration.


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Middle-class individuals typically prioritize providing their pets with nutritious food and quality toys within a reasonable budget, aiming to ensure their well-being and enjoyment without overspending. In contrast, wealthy individuals may invest significantly more in their pets, purchasing gourmet pet foods, designer accessories, and even luxury accommodations or services such as pet spas or exclusive pet resorts. They even spend a tonne on dog grooming.

Beauty Care

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Middle-class rarely go to salons for haircuts and other beauty services. Some even attempt to learn the skill and do it yourself. Rich people have personal beauty experts and spend on expensive spas, botox, and other treatments.


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Middle-class individuals typically maintain gym memberships to access fitness facilities for their exercise routines, balancing cost and convenience. In contrast, wealthy individuals often opt for more personalized and exclusive fitness experiences, such as hiring celebrity personal trainers or building fully-equipped gyms within their homes.


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Middle-class families hire help to clean their homes and care for the garden. Rich families have full-time staff for this.

Sports Gear

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While both groups may enjoy participating in sports, the rich typically have greater access to exclusive sports facilities, private coaching, and high-end equipment due to their financial resources. They may invest in top-of-the-line gear and luxury sports experiences. In contrast, the middle class may participate in sports with more affordable equipment and facilities, focusing on practicality and value for money.


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Middle-class people go out to movies or parks on weekends. Rich people might go to exclusive clubs or travel. Some even have home theatres.

Music Lessons

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Middle-class children often take music or dance lessons. Rich children might have private tutors for this, some even have celebrity trainings.


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Middle-class individuals typically purchase books for personal reading enjoyment or utilize library services for access to a wide range of literature. In contrast, wealthy individuals often cultivate extensive personal libraries, investing in rare editions, limited releases, and curated collections as a symbol of their intellectual pursuits, status, and appreciation for knowledge.

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