16 Everyday Etiquette Slip-Ups You Might Be Guilty Of

Etiquettes are the unwritten social rules that help society to be better. They are not imposed strictly like government rules, so we often forget them. Today, we will talk about seventeen common etiquette people break all the time unknowingly. Go through them and tell us how many you follow regularly.

Talking Loudly On Phone

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Many people tend to yell on their phones while in public. This gets even worse when they do this in a queue or take work calls on speakerphone in a restaurant. It disrupts the peace of those around you and shows a lack of consideration for their space.

Skipping Pleasantries

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A simple “hello,” “excuse me,” or “thank you” goes a long way. These courtesies acknowledge others and make interactions smoother. In today’s world, it’s easy to forget these pleasantries. Yet these things help show respect and can even brighten someone’s day.

Chewing with Mouth Open

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This is a universal etiquette rule, but it is still broken frequently. It’s simply rude and inconsiderate to others who can see (and hear) you chomping loudly. Many people don’t realize they’re doing it due to habit. However, being mindful and being aware of your dining companions can help.

Cutting in Line

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We all have waited in some queue, and no one likes a queue jumper. Pushing ahead shows disrespect for those who have been waiting patiently. Besides, there can be a sense of entitlement attached to this action. Some people are simply impatient, which leads them to cut in line, but it is no excuse.

Not Using Titles

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In the US, using titles like “Mr.,” “Ms.,” or “Dr.” is a sign of respect, especially in formal settings or when addressing someone for the first time. It acknowledges their achievements and position. However, the trend towards informality can lead people to skip titles altogether. While it is nice to have a friendly approach in general, sometimes it is more respectful to use titles.

Public Displays Of Personal Hygiene

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While maintaining good hygiene is great, some personal grooming habits are best kept private. Clipping fingernails, flossing teeth, or applying makeup in a way that exposes the process to others can be off-putting. These actions can be done discreetly to avoid making others uncomfortable.

Tipping Etiquette

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Tipping servers in restaurants and cafes is a customary practice in the US. Leaving a tip shows that you appreciate the service the servers provide. How much you tip depends on where and how much you are spending. Besides, in many places in the US, the servers earn solely through tips. So it would be very rude not to tip them anything.

Common Table Manners

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The newer generation is very poor with table manners, as very few know what’s acceptable and what’s not. Apart from chewing their mouths open, there are many table etiquette that people break. For example, using the wrong utensils and talking with a mouth full is easy. However, if you follow table manners, putting your elbow on the table also breaks the rule.

RSVP etiquette

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Most of us fail to reply to an RSVP invitation correctly. Whether it is a formal or casual event, you should reply on time. It helps the host plan and prevents them from preparing for guests who won’t attend. Simply letting the host know if you can make it is much better than not responding at all.

Interrupting Events

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It’s impolite to interrupt someone while they’re speaking. Despite knowing this, many of us still do it. It is applicable even if you are commenting while watching a movie with others. Arriving late at the office meeting and interrupting the presenter also counts. These actions show a lack of respect for the performers, speakers, and fellow audience members.

Keeping Borrowed Items

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When someone lends you something, whether an umbrella or a power tool, it shows they trust you. However, neglecting to return the borrowed item promptly or in good condition would disrespect the lender. It is a common etiquette everyone should follow to demonstrate trustworthiness.

Having Smelly Food In Public

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People in the US are not accustomed to highly fragrant dishes. If you come from a different culture, opening a tiffin full of strong-smelling food can be rude, especially if you are doing it in a small space like public transport and waiting rooms. It is always best to go with less spicy food to show that you think about others.

Public Displays Of Affection

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There’s nothing wrong with being affectionate with your partner in public. Almost 77% of Americans consider kissing in public as normal. However, there’s a time and place for everything. Doing too much PDA can make people around you feel uncomfortable. Besides, it can be more inconsiderate if there are many kids or older adults around while you are doing PDA.

Using Speakerphone In Public

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Playing loudspeakers in public places like restaurants and stores or on public transportation can be seen as inconsiderate. The noise can disrupt the peace of people around it. Plus, it can make it difficult for them to have normal conversations. Using earphones is the best way to enjoy your music.

Arriving Late Without Notice

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Punctuality is valued in American culture. Occasional delays are fine, but if it’s an important event, it’s important to give a heads-up. Not informing the other person can seem like disrespecting their time. If you know you will be running behind, sending a quick message or call to give an ETA is good.

Criticizing Others

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Everyone has their own preferences, and we should respect that. Respecting others’ choices is a very common etiquette that we break all the time. It can be anything, from their clothing to their life choices. Unless there’s a safety concern or it directly affects you, it’s best to keep your opinion to yourself.


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