15 Extravagant Hobbies Reserved for the Super Rich

Everybody has a hobby that satisfies their creative tastes. While some hobbies do not cost much, certain leisure choices are worth hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars. Let us look at the most expensive hobbies around the world that blend passion with luxury. We will also discuss the reasons for these activities being so costly.

Super Car Collecting

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Collecting cars is a common hobby for several car enthusiasts. Some people take it beyond their hobbies and make lifestyle statements. Supercars like Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Ferrari can cost around a million dollars. With the additional costs of maintenance, storage, and customization, the prices can only go higher.

High-Stakes Gambling

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People with an adrenaline rush often find themselves caught up in the thrill of gambling as a hobby. Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Nevada are popular casino destinations in the USA. The buy-ins for games like poker, baccarat, or roulette can be very expensive. Winning in such games is a matter of sheer luck. Undoubtedly, only the elites can risk losing millions in the blink of an eye.

Collecting Art

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For patrons of culture and creativity, art collecting is not just a hobby. From Renaissance masterpieces to contemporary creations, the art market is a playground for the rich. Prices for a renowned artwork can soar up to hundreds of millions. Additionally, networking with authentic dealers or visiting various galleries incurs more expenses.


Sport Pilot flying his plane with confidence
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Flying is a popular hobby among adventure lovers. However, it can be extremely costly. Flying lessons cost thousands of dollars. Plus, you will need a professional flying license, which starts from around $7000 at the least. Owning a plane is a dream only the richest people can have.

Playing Polo

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Known as the sport of kings, Polo is one of the most expensive games in the world. Playing Polo is not a joke, as it takes years of training and persistence to master the game. Well-bred Polo ponies can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Moreover, there are extra training costs, club fees, medical costs, and equipment.

Fine Wine Collection

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Wine collection as a hobby goes back to the historical times of the emperors. World-class wine vineyards like Bordeaux or Burgundy produce wines worth thousands of dollars. You will be surprised to know about the wine auctions where a single bottle’s price can fetch millions. There is also a lot of upkeep, including suitable storage space and liquid investment.


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If you find solace in open seas, there can be no better way than yachting. Yachting is one of the most luxurious hobbies in the world. You will need to invest in great yachts worth millions. The crew cost and monthly maintenance can go up to $100,000. Plus, if you are interested in yacht racing, be ready to spend a fortune.

Keeping Exotic Pets

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Keeping exotic pets seems intriguing to many pet lovers. Domestic tigers, high-bred dogs, or even anacondas are some of the most popular choices. Having extraordinary pets comes with a hefty price tag. The cost does not end at purchasing; rather, this is a long-term financial commitment worth millions. The expenditure includes getting a license, hiring professional trainers, or feeding the animals.

Rare Books Collecting

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People with a passion for owning books can go way beyond simple reading habits. Owning rare and antique books is a hobby only the affluent can have. The price of an original manuscript or a rare edition can be nerve-wracking. Plus, you need proper storage and a suitable environment for preserving books, which can cost more.


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The adrenaline rush of falling free from a plane can be rewarding. This adventure hobby is neither for the faint-hearted nor for the weak pockets. If you partake in skydiving as a leisure activity, the cost will be under $500. Keeping it as a hobby includes renting equipment and taking lessons. An advanced form like wing-suiting is even more pricey.

Go-Kart Racing

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Go-kart racing is popular in the USA, even though it is quite expensive. This hobby is suitable for both adults and children. A top go-kart model like the SR30.2 Dreamer Chassis can cost around $4995. If you add fuel costs, competition entry fees, and maintenance, the cost of the hobby gets higher.

Stamp Collecting

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Stamp collecting can be an exciting hobby. Little do you know how much pocket-pinch this hobby entails. Every stamp carries a piece of history with it. So, seasoned stamp collectors are usually determined to get them no matter the price. A stamp’s price can fetch thousands of dollars based on the condition and the associated value.

Luxury Travel Plans

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Traveling is one of the most common yet expensive hobbies. For many people, traveling is not just about exploring a new place. Rather, they seek luxurious stay options and exclusive experiences. Flight tickets, state-of-the-art stays, and exquisite fine dining can easily surge the budget of a luxury vacation.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

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Floating in the air in a hot balloon is an out-of-the-world feeling. It is fun to keep this activity on your vacation bucket list. As a hobby, it could burn a hole in your pocket. Unless you are very rich, you can not afford it on a regular basis.


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The cost of skiing can depend on the location and the season. Many lavish ski resorts offer amenities such as spas, gourmet dining, and ski-in/ski-out access. These stays can be way off the budget for many people. Even modest ski resorts demand high prices during seasons. Plus, the equipment and lift tickets add to the price.

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