10 Gas Stations with Food Worth Stopping For

Embarking on a road trip or just cruising around town, there’s no denying the allure of a good gas station pit stop. But what if I told you that these 10 gas stations scattered across the country are not just stops for refueling your tank but also for satisfying your taste buds with some seriously delicious grub?

Love’s Travel Stops

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Love’s offers a variety of quick snacks, such as fruit cups and salads—Berry Walnut Spinach Salad, Garden Salad, and more delicious yet healthy options. It also offers full meals like hot dogs, tacos, and sandwiches—in case you haven’t had a full meal in a while! Here, you will find something for everyone.

The two special things about Love’s are that their grills are always rolling! From hot dogs to Tornadoes to egg rolls, everything is delicious. Two, Love’s is pet-friendly, which makes it even more lovable!


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Buc-ee’s, known for its massive convenience store in Sevierville spanning 74,707 square feet, started as a gas station back in 1982. Now, it’s renowned for its signature beaver nuggets and top-notch services across its 48 locations in 41 cities. Offering quality barbecue options like brisket and pulled pork, as well as tempting treats like freshly baked cinnamon rolls and fudge, Buc-ee’s ensures that every visit is a flavorful experience. According to a Google Review user, the BBQ brisket sandwich and Texas cheese steak burrito are must-tries, served warm and with no wait.


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QuickChek isn’t just a destination for delicious food; it’s also known for its affordability. With special deals offering subs and sandwiches under $6, along with in-store promotions, QuickChek ensures that quality dining experiences are accessible to all. Whether you’re in the mood for pepperoni stromboli, french fries, or their famous anytime spuds, QuickChek is the perfect stop to satisfy your cravings!


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Allsup’s has made a name for itself with its renowned fried burritos, a crispy treat beloved by millions. Selling an impressive 27 million burritos each year, it’s clear that these handheld delights have become a cherished tradition for travelers on the open road.

In addition to their famous burritos, Allsup’s offers a variety of grocery items, candy, bakery treats, protein snacks, and nuts. As Allsup’s proudly declares, they’re committed to offering nothing but the best in both life and gas station food options.


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Drawing inspiration from Tex-Mex cuisine, Maverik ensures that travelers have an abundance of choices to keep them energized on their journey.

One of Maverik’s standout offerings is its delicious pizza selection, featuring traditional and Detroit-style bonfire pizzas in enticing flavors like Hawaiian, chicken bacon ranch, and taco. For those seeking lighter fare with robust flavors, Maverik also serves up buffalo chicken burritos, as well as hearty club and Italian sandwiches.

And it’s not just savory delights; Maverik also provides a range of snacks and treats to satisfy any craving, from chips and pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to a variety of candies.

Royal Farms

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Royal Farms gas station is a standout choice for food lovers thanks to its commitment to quality and flavorful offerings. Renowned for its mouthwatering fried chicken, Royal Farms goes beyond typical gas station fare, offering a diverse menu that includes made-to-order sandwiches, wraps, salads, and sides. With a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients, Royal Farms has earned a reputation for excellence among gas station food options, making it a go-to destination for satisfying meals on the go.

Kwik Trip

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Kwik Trip gas station is renowned for its exceptional food offerings, ranging from freshly made sandwiches and salads to hot meals prepared in-house. Their made-to-order sandwiches feature premium ingredients and a variety of options to suit every taste, while their salads are crafted with crisp, fresh produce. Additionally, Kwik Trip’s hot meals, including favorites like their famous Glazers (donuts), breakfast sandwiches, and pizza, are cooked to perfection and served hot and ready for customers.


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Wawa’s hoagies are legendary, and the customizable experience allows customers to craft their perfect sandwich. Wawa’s mac and cheese is a fan-favorite comfort food, with creamy goodness that’s sure to satisfy. So, whether you’re craving a classic hoagie or a comforting bowl of mac and cheese, Wawa promises a delicious experience that keeps customers coming back for more.


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With various locations in the Midwest and Southern United States, QuikTrip offers more than just quick snacks; they have a surprisingly diverse selection of fresh food, including sandwiches, wraps, and even pizza. Their breakfast options are also a hit among early risers.


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Sheetz made-to-order menu goes above and beyond typical gas station fare, featuring juicy burgers made with quality beef, fresh salads bursting with vibrant ingredients, and breakfast options available around the clock for those late-night cravings. They also offer sandwiches, wraps, and even gourmet mac and cheese bowls with customizable toppings.

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