16 Hairstyles That Make You Look Older

Aging is a beautiful and natural process. But there is no harm in slowing it down a bit. Hairstyles play a significant role in shaping our image, especially for women. Opting for the wrong hairstyle or hair color can inadvertently add years to your appearance.

Tight or Stiff Hairdos

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Avoid tight ringlet curls or stiff chignons and buns. These hairstyles add a mature flair to your appearance by creating a rigid and overly polished look. Instead, you can opt for slightly loose or messy buns. You can also include subtle waves in your hairstyle to maintain a classy yet youthful look. These styles enhance your beauty without adding unnecessary years to your look.

Center Parting

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Steer clear of the center part, as it can draw attention to your pulled-down appearance caused by gravity. It amplifies your age and makes you look older. You can go for a slightly off-center part to add volume and softness to your hair. This simple adjustment can lift your features and give your overall look a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Straight Strands

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Avoid single-length, board-straight hair. It can accentuate your angular features and limpness and make you appear older and less vibrant. Instead, create the illusion of layers by blow-drying your hair in sections and using a paddle brush to add movement and volume to your hair.

French Twist

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Ditch overly slicked-back and severe updos like the French twist. This hairstyle can appear matronly and outdated. You can add texture to your hair before styling for a more relaxed and modern look. By incorporating softer elements into your hairstyle, you can achieve an elegant appearance that complements your natural beauty.

Curled-Under Ends

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Curled-under ends widen your face and highlight aging features such as sagging skin and loss of elasticity. Focus on creating volume at the crown of your head to draw attention upward and elongate your face. You can create a more balanced and youthful look that flatters your features by accentuating the top portion of your.

Long Hair without Volume

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If you have long hair without much volume, it can impact your age appearance by emphasizing flatness and lack of vitality. You can choose a shorter style with added volume instead. This provides you with a more youthful and vibrant look that enhances your overall appearance.

Ballerina Bun

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Steer clear of tight ballerina buns. This can highlight your lines and wrinkles and give you a more aged appearance. The pulled-back effect elevates your facial features. Opt for a softer, loser bun with wispy strands around the hairline. This softens your look and creates a natural appearance without making you look older.

Half-Up Ponytail

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A half-up ponytail can sometimes give off a vibe of trying too hard to look young. This style may inadvertently come off as overly contrived with too much volume at the crown. This look can resemble a dated schoolgirl look. Instead, you can choose to go for a more grown-up version by leaving some hair down and securing only a portion of the mark. Opt for small and clear elastics or bobby pins for a subtle and sophisticated finish.

Thick and Blunt Bangs

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Thick and blunt bangs can make you look aged, especially if your hair tends to be frizzy or requires excessive styling to maintain. These bands add weight to your face, making you look older. You can consider softer and more textured bangs that complement your natural hair texture and lifestyle. Mid-length and curtain-style bangs can be a safer and more flattering option.

Overly Teased Hair

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Avoid excessive teasing of your hair as it can give you a dated and retro appearance. Instead, you can opt for modern volume by using a round brush to lift hair at the root while blow-drying. Consider using large Velcro rollers to achieve smooth and bouncy volume without excessive teasing.

Leaving Out the Layers

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Do not skip layers in your hairstyle. They add movement and vitality to your hair. All-one-length hair can appear heavy and lifeless and make you look older. You can do side-swept bands or do hair extensions to add layers and thickness to your hair. Layers that frame your face can help create a more rounded and youthful appearance.

Hair Combed Back

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You should avoid hairstyles that completely expose your forehead. This hairstyle can draw attention to your hair growth patterns and imperfections in your skin. Instead, choose hairstyles that frame your face or incorporate fringe to conceal imperfections. It also softens your look and gives you a flattering appearance.

Overly Dark Hair

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Try to stay clear of extremely dark hair colors. These create harsh contrast that can draw attention to your fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation unevenness. Choose softer and more natural hues that complement your skin tone and soften your facial features. Selecting hair colors that are one or two shades lighter can give you a more young-looking appearance.

Thin and Short Bangs

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Be cautious of thin and short bangs. This hairstyle can highlight the lack of volume in thin hair and may not suit all hair textures. Instead, consider mid-length, curtain-style bands that are more versatile and flattering. Start with a softer and longer bang style that can help you achieve an effortless look without emphasizing your thin or sparse hair.

Air-Dried Hair

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You should avoid leaving your hair air-dried if you want to maintain a polished and youthful appearance. Beachy waves and scrunched hair textures can sometimes make your hair look dry and unkempt. It can make you look more aged. You can instead opt for styles with a smoother and more polished finish which can make you appear more youthful and put-together.

Extremely Light Hair

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Avoid heavily highlighted or bleached-out hair colors. They may not complement your skin tone and can appear overly harsh. Instead, you can consider lightening your hair by one or two shades for a softer look. Finding the right balance between dark and light hues can enhance your natural features. It gives you a more youthful look.

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