16 Jobs That Are a Deal Breaker In Relationships

“Finding a balance between your career and love life is essential. One feeds your wallet, the other feeds your soul”

People look for balance in their careers and love lives. But they may not find success because their profession is the deal-breaker in the relationship. In this article, we take a look at sixteen such professions that are considered  red flags in relationships and how they impact intimacy, communication, and quality time:

Guiding Gurus

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Life coaches inspire people, guide them through the twists and turns, and help others to become better. But, this profession can intimidate a romantic prospect. A woman may feel that every date is like a therapy session in disguise or she is being constantly judged for the choices she’s making in her life. She may fear that she’ll lose her autonomy and she’ll have to always seek approval from her ‘guru’.

Emergency experts

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The first responders are no doubt brave, selfless, and noble. But their jobs are incredibly risky and demanding. Their loved ones are always worrying about their safety as they cope with their unpredictable schedules and bear the emotional brunt of daily hazardous situations. They are not the ideal choice for women who want a relatively calm and secure relationship.

Gaming Gladiators

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Professional gaming may seem like a glamorous profession. But a potential partner may feel that she’ll have to compete with a computer screen for attention if she’s in a relationship with you. The long, late-night gaming sessions, the obsessive focus on the game, and the not-so-healthy sedentary lifestyle could have her questioning if her desire for a balanced life will be met.

Insurance providers

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Selling insurance can be a 24/7 job as insurance agents aim to sell the benefits of insurance to everyone they speak to. This might create a problem while dating as women feel that they will get a lecture on the benefits of taking insurance and living a healthy life. They fear that the insurance agent will be focused on their jobs on their date as well and try to sell insurance to them too.


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A lot of women may get excited when they hear that their date is a chef but it’s also a fact that these chefs spend a lot of time at their jobs. Dating someone who is practically away most of the time is not a great idea. Also, dating someone when he’s just starting as a chef may mean tasting some of his awful food as he may use you as a food tester.

MLM Maestros

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If you are engaged in multi-level marketing, you will always be excited about growing your network and making sales. But this passion can be unattractive in a romantic context. The woman may fear that you see her more as a prospect for a downline rather than a love interest, which can kill the romantic feeling in the relationship.

Law Enforcement people

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Law enforcement people usually have a challenging job that requires bravery, strength, and integrity. But this is also a high-risk profession that comes with erratic schedules and high stress. Women dating these men may risk having sleepless nights worrying about their safety, and dealing with stress, and may even become a target because of their profession. Women also think that law enforcement people are highly controlling people and they may be victims of domestic violence.

Wall street warriors

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Investment banking can bring in the money and success that women are initially attracted to. But it also means grueling hours at work and intense stress. Women may feel that there is little room for romance left between financial reports, meetings, and late-night calls with clients.


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Politicians may seem like the perfect catch because of their charm, their power, and influence. But this profession also means long working hours, intense public scrutiny, and an element of dishonesty. A career in politics can put a strain on couples and a woman may want to be away from the instability and constant spotlight that marks this profession.

Telemarketing Executives

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As a telemarketer, a person has to be persuasive, persistent, and somewhat aggressive. All these qualities may help in meeting the sales targets but may be off-putting in the context of relationships. A woman may fear that her boundaries may not be respected and may seem uninterested in a relationship with these people.

Recovery Agents

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A debt collector’s job involves conflict and confrontation. Some collectors scream at everyone without any consideration or without empathizing with people’s problems. Women may feel that this profession attracts some soulless creatures and the ‘bad-guy’ image may get stuck with these people. So women may be apprehensive about pursuing a relationship with them.

Legal Eagles

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Lawyers also make it to this list. They may be charismatic, intelligent, and successful but they spend long hours at work. This can be a deal-breaker for the women. Women may feel that lawyers’ dedication to their work and clients’ case files leaves little room for romance and this can be a red flag to the relationship.

Paparazzi pack

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Being a paparazzi may mean chasing celebrities, intruding on their privacy, and often crossing boundaries. These qualities make the paparazzi unattractive to potential romantic prospects. The women may fear that their boundaries may not be respected and worry that they may be thrust into the spotlight which they may not have wanted.

Real Estate Agents

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As a real estate agent, your strength may be your charisma, negotiation skills, and ability to close a deal. But in a relationship, this can be a deal breaker if the women feel that these tactics do not just end at a professional level. Some feel that a commission-based job makes them question their motives. The women may feel that they may have to deal with the white lies of the agents. So this job also receives a lot of hate from women.


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Bartenders work long hours to make money. They are at their jobs working late nights, weekends, and holidays. So women fear that they will not be able to invest enough time into the relationship. A bartender is also at risk for developing alcohol and substance abuse due to the nature of their jobs. There is also a fear that they have access to more opportunities to cheat.

Truck Drivers

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Many feel that truck drivers are prone to living a double life due to the nature of their jobs. They may be devoted husbands and loving fathers at their homes but out with sex workers and abusing substances on the road. After a while, many end up with second families. There are serious trust issues and this may be a deal-breaker.

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