17 Jobs That Don’t Get Much Respect

Every job comes with its share of challenges. But facing disrespect from customers can make a tough day even tougher. Unfortunately, certain professionals tend to receive more than their fair share of disrespect.


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Telemarketing isn’t a job that typically earns much respect. People generally don’t appreciate receiving unsolicited calls, especially when it involves spending money. If you are comfortable talking on the phone, roles in customer service or billing, business development, or account management could be a more favorable option. These roles focus on building relationships with clients and driving business growth.


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Photographing celebrities might seem glamorous. But it’s not a highly respected profession, especially when photographers resort to invasive tactics to capture images. Nonetheless, photography can seem to be a viable way to earn. While being a full-time photographer might not be the most lucrative option, it’s a decent side gig.

Debt Collector

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Few phone calls are as unwelcome as those from debt collectors. Their efforts to collect debts can be intrusive and uncomfortable. It makes the job lack respect and isn’t particularly well-paying either. Instead, you can work in sales or customer service roles that do not evoke the same level of anger as working for a debt collection agency.

Multi-level Marketing Managers

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Individuals in multi-level marketing, also known as pyramid schemes often face disdain, especially if they focus heavily on recruiting others. The business model tends to collapse once the pool of potential recruiters diminishes. Therefore, if you enjoy recruiting, a career in human resources might be a more respected path.

Social Media Influencers

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While some influencers are admired, others face criticism for promoting unrealistic lifestyles or questionable products. People often question their sincerity and worry about the harm their content might cause. You can focus on ethical digital marketing practices that contribute positively to businesses and society. They help businesses grow their online presence responsibly.

Psychic Mediums

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Psychic mediums often get a bad reputation because some feel they take advantage of those going through tough times. When people exploit others’ emotions or give false hope just to make a buck, it leaves a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. If you genuinely want to help people but want to steer clear of the skepticism surrounding psychic mediums, consider exploring careers in counseling or therapy.

Restroom Attendants

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Despite providing a valuable service, restroom attendants often don’t receive the respect they deserve. If you enjoy customer service and maintaining cleanliness, careers in hospitality management or professional cleaning services could offer more opportunities for advancement and greater respect.


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Poaching, especially endangered species, is widely despised. This is because it threatens the survival of already vulnerable animals and disrupts the ecosystem. The disregard for wildlife conservation contributes to the negative perception of poachers. They prioritize profit over the well-being of the planet’s biodiversity. Instead of contributing to wildlife endangerment, consider careers in wildlife conservation or environmental advocacy.

Parking Enforcement Officer

Parking enforcement officers often face disrespect due to the nature of their job. They are perceived as issuing tickets rather than aiding the community. Their role in enforcing parking regulations can lead to frustration among drivers, further diminishing their respect. So, if you are interested in law enforcement, you can consider becoming a police officer or detective. In these roles, you can have a more direct impact on public safety and community well-being.


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Janitors play a crucial role in maintaining clean and healthy environments. But their work is often undervalued and overlooked. This lack of recognition can lead to a feeling of invisibility and unappreciation within society. If you enjoy hands-on work, a career as an electrician or plumber can help you earn a respectable income while making a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Taxi Drivers

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Traditional taxi drivers often face disrespect due to the rise of ride-sharing apps. These apps offer more convenience and affordability to customers. This shift in transportation has diminished the earning professionals of taxi drivers. So, if you enjoy driving, you can consider a career as a commercial truck driver or courier.

Door-to-Door Salespeople

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Door-to-door sales are often seen as intrusive and pushy. This leads to a lack of respect from potential customers. This perception is fueled by the negative experiences and skepticism towards sales tactics such salespeople employ. If you have strong sales skills, consider a career in real estate or insurance sales. Here you can build relationships with clients and offer valuable services in a more respected and professional manner.


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Waiters and waitresses often face disrespect from customers who may perceive them as merely order-takers rather than skilled professionals. The job’s low wages and reliance on tips also contribute to its lack of respect. You can consider a career in hospitality management or event planning if you enjoy providing excellent customer service but want a more respected profession.

Construction Worker

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Construction workers often face disrespect due to stereotypes about the profession being low-skilled or uneducated. Moreover, the physical demands and often dangerous working conditions can lead to a lack of appreciation for their contributions. If you enjoy working with your hands and building things, you can work as a skilled tradesperson. Provide services such as carpentry, electrical, or plumbing work.

Tax Workers

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Tax workers provide a necessary service. However, they often face criticism and disrespect due to the complexity and frustration associated with taxes. Many people perceive them as representatives of an unfair and burdensome system. This further diminishes their respect in society. You can consider an alternative career as a certified public accountant or financial advice

Landfill Operators

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Landfill operators face the daily grind of managing waste and are disliked due to the nature of the job. It involves working in unpleasant conditions surrounded by water and facing health risks from methane gasses and disease-causing organisms. Consider roles in environmental science or renewable energy for a positive impact without the hazards of landfill work.

Garbage Collectors

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Despite their critical role in managing waste, garbage collectors are often looked down upon. This is because their work involves handling unpleasant waste and enduring physical discomforts like foul odors and health risks. If you are seeking a change, explore opportunities in waste management or recycling coordination.

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