24 Killer Hairstyles For Short Hair Over 50

If you are in your fifties, a little hairstyle switch-up can breathe new life into your look. Short haircuts offer a refreshing change from long locks. With options to suit every face shape and hairstyle, short hair proves to be versatile and chic.

Simple Layered Bob

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The simple or classic bob offers timeless elegance for those over 50. With its jaw-grazing length and effortless maintenance, it frames the face beautifully. You can maintain a youthful appearance and easily style it with a round brush.

Rounded Bob

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For a softer look that accentuates special features, consider the rounded bob. Its gentle curves offer balance, particularly flattering for angular faces. You can achieve a polished finish with a large brush. blow dry your hair and a light with serum for added shine and manageability.

Side-Parting Bob

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The side-parted bob is effortlessly sheep and perfect for those seeking sophistication without sacrificing ease. You can incorporate layers and a long fringe to add dimension and volume and enhance your overall style.

Curly or Permed Bob

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For a playful twist, opt for curls or a perm to add texture and volume to your bob. Heatless curlers offer a gentle styling approach, while perms provide a low-maintenance option. Consider the potential risks of chemical treatments and consult your hair stylist for the best approach.

Bob Blowout

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You can indulge in a salon blowout for a special treat. This hairstyle adds bounce and volume to your bob for a glamorous look. A professional blowout elevates any bob style, leaving you feeling confident and pampered.

Textured Long Bob

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You can create a relaxed, tousled look with a textured long bob. This hairstyle is perfect for all hair types. You can style it with moose or wax as it offers flexibility and versatility. This can allow you to customize your look seamlessly.

Blunt-Cut Bob

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Precision meets sophistication with the blunt-cut bob, ideal for fine hair. You can straighten after blow-drying for a sleek finish and maintain this style and shortness with regular trims. You can add bold colors to enhance the bob’s sharp lines.

Straight Long Bob

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Ideal for naturally straight hair, the straight long bob offers a modern yet effortless look. Minimize heat styling to maintain hair health and prevent damage. Embrace your natural texture for a chic finish.

Asymmetrical Bob

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Add a contemporary edge to your look with an asymmetrical bob. This hairstyle features uneven lengths for a dynamic appearance. Blow out the longer section to add volume and consider an undercut for added flair.

Choppy Bob

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You can boost the volume and texture of your hair with a choppy bob. This hairstyle consists of uneven layers for added dimension. You can enhance the separation of the layers with the help of texturizing spray or dry shampoo. This gives you an edge and lightweight styled look.

Angled Bob

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Flatter your mature face with an angled bob as it creates the illusion of a longer neck. You can apply a heat protectant before straightening for a crisp finish. You can further accessorize your look with statement earrings.

Jaw-Skimming Bob

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Accentuate cheekbones with a jaw-skimming bob which offers simplicity and sophistication. Maintain a short look with regular trims. It ensures a polished finish that compliments your facial features.

Bob with Brow-Skimming Fringe

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Refresh your style with brow-skimming bangs which add a playful dimension to any short hairstyle. You can embrace this youthful vibe of fringe while enjoying a manageable and versatile look.

Layered Crop

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A short-layered crop adds volume and vitality to your hair. With the simple application of mousse and a quick scrunch, you can effortlessly enhance your hair’s texture and fullness. Regular trims ensure that your layers remain fresh and vibrant.

Sleek Crop

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The sleep crop hairstyle emphasizes your facial features. It offers ease of styling where you can just dab hair gel to maintain a polished and refined look, perfect for any occasion. Consider accessorizing with a silk scarf to elevate your style to the next level.

Pixie Cut

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The pixie cut is a timeless classic that requires minimal maintenance. This hairstyle beautifully accentuates your unique features. Whether you opt for subtle highlights or a touch of pomade for added depth, this versatile card effortlessly flatters your sharp cheekbones.

Textured Pixie

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The textured pixie cut features playful choppy layers which is perfect for any active lifestyle. It is easy to style and maintain. You can spike it up with wax for an edge vibe or experiment with colorful highlights for a youthful twist.

Wavy Pixie

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Blending soft waves into the pixie cut, the wavy pixie offers a charming and youthful appearance that is easy to manage. Small sections curled with a curling iron introduce a playful vibe. You can add subtle highlights to enhance your hair’s texture and dimension.

Spiky Pixie

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For a daring and stylish look, opt for the spiky pixie cut. It injects energy and vibrancy into your hair. You can define the spikes with styling pomade and introduce bold streaks of color for added dimension. It showcases your personality with confidence and flair.

Buzz Cut

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The buzz cut exudes boldness and confidence. It offers a definitive style statement without the hassle of maintenance. Celebrate your conference with regular trims and scalp moisturization, personalizing your look with unique designs or subtle washes of color for a touch of individuality.

Tapered Cut

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With volume concentrated at the top, the tapered cut presents a sophisticated and polished look for the modern mature woman. You can elevate your style with the lift spray for added height and consider bold colors to further modernize this timeless hairstyle.

Shaggy Layers

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Combining mismatched layers, the shaggy layers hairstyle infuses a carefree, youthful spirit into your look. It effortlessly adds volume and you can maintain a relaxed yet stylish status with the help of a salt spray.

Soft Waves

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Soft waves soften facial features and bring movement to sorted hair with minimal effort. Achieve this classic look with a curling iron and gentle finger-combing. You can further elevate your style with subtle balayage highlights.

Slicked Back

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Offering elegance and sophistication, this slicked-back style is a bold yet confident change from your everyday look. Maintain this finish with a strong-hold gel and complement with a statement makeup.

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