20 Traditionally Masculine Notions Men Shun Today

In the past, masculinity often meant being tough and unemotional. There was little room for sensitivity or diversity. But today, men are embracing change. It’s important to encourage a more inclusive and understanding view of masculinity that resonates with the complexities of modern life.

Emotional Well-Being

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Men often feel pressured to appear stoic and unemotional in public. It is seen as a sign of maturity and strength. However, this expectation can be deceptive and harmful. Men should be free to express their emotions openly without fearing judgment or prejudice.

Manual Labor

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Traditionally, men are expected to take on physically demanding jobs to provide for their families. While men must fulfill their responsibilities, they should not feel obligated to prove their masculinity through strenuous work. There are plenty of less physically demanding job options available today.

Social Bonds and Drinking

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Socializing and drinking with other men are often seen as masculine activities. These are linked to camaraderie and bonding. However, these behaviors should not define a man’s identity. They are not exclusive to men and should not be used to measure masculinity.

Repair and Maintenance Skills

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Men are often expected to be skilled at fixing household and automotive repairs. It symbolizes their independence and capability. However, this expectation can be limited and outdated. Men should not feel pressured to conform to traditional gender roles. They should be free to seek assistance with repairs or maintenance work if needed.


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While fishing is traditionally seen as a masculine pastime, not all men find it enjoyable or fulfilling. Some may lack interest or patience for the activity. Men should feel empowered to pursue hobbies and activities that bring them joy and fulfillment. It should be regardless of societal expectations.

The Gym

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Some men may feel intimidated by the gym environment. This can be due to a lack of familiarity with equipment or concerns about physical appearance. Men should not feel pressured to conform to certain body standards or participate in activities that make them uncomfortable. Exercise should be about personal health and well-being, not societal expectations.

Taking Risks and Exploring

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Men are often portrayed as daring risk-takers, particularly in outdoor activities like hunting and camping. However, the motivation behind risk-taking should be carefully considered. Engaging in risky behaviors solely for societal validation or entertainment may not align with personal values and priorities.

Practical Competence

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Being able to perform manual tasks and repairs is often seen as a sign of competence and intelligence in men. However, men should not feel obligated to fulfill this expectation if it does not align with their skills or interests. Seeking assistance when needed is a sign of resourcefulness and not weakness.

Advocating for Equity and Inclusion

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Creating a healthier culture of masculinity involves advocating for equity and inclusion, particularly in the workplace. Men, especially those in leadership roles, must publicly address inappropriate behaviors. They should also refuse to tolerate sexism or exclusionary practices.

Stringent Working Hours

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The misconception that mothers seek flexibility at work persists. Men, whether single or married, with or without children, desire flexibility as much as anyone else. However, many hesitate to express this need due to the fear of judgment or career repercussions. As a male leader, it’s essential to advocate for and utilize flexible work options, thereby setting the tone for others.

Disinterest in Cars

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Not all men share an enthusiasm for cars. Many dislike both working on and driving them, with some not even owning a vehicle. Various reasons may underlie this disinterest. It may include a preference for alternative modes of transportation like walking, biking, or public transport. Concerns about environmental impact also contribute to the lack of enthusiasm regarding vehicles.

Health Transparency Among Men

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Openness about physical, mental, and emotional health is crucial, especially among men. Outdated norms equating strength with stoicism still prevail. This deters many men from seeking help or discussing their health concerns. Promoting transparency around health issues fosters a healthier culture of masculinity and improves psychological well-being.


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Some men have moral objections to hunting. They view it as unnecessary and cruel. Others may grapple with the ethical dilemma of taking the life of another creature for sport or sustenance.

Sports and Athletics

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Competitive sports like football, basketball, and hockey are often associated with masculinity. However, many men are realizing that extreme dedication to sports may not align with their true aspirations and interests. Pursuing personal goals and dreams takes precedence over conforming to societal expectations of masculinity centered around sports.


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Gold holds little appeal for some men, who may struggle to grasp its allure or find the social aspect unappealing. The complexity of the game and the challenge of mastering it can deter potential enthusiasts. It can particularly occur when faced with more experienced players.

Lawn Maintenance

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Maintaining a lawn can be physically demanding and time-consuming. It deters some men from engaging in this task. The physical exertion and time investment required for lawn care may outweigh its appeal for many individuals. Additionally, purchasing and operating lawn equipment may pose challenges for those unfamiliar with outdoor work.

Challenging Conventional Gender Roles

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Traditional gender roles dictate specific roles and responsibilities for men and women. However, societal shifts have rendered these stereotypes less relevant. Men are increasingly involved in caregiving and house tasks traditionally associated with women. This way, men are now challenging the motion of rigid gender roles.

Understanding Others’ Experiences

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Historically, men, especially white men have distanced themselves from diversity and inclusion efforts. It reinforces the notion that marginalized groups must conform to the dominant culture. It is essential to actively seek to understand the experiences of those different from oneself. Educating oneself through various channels like articles, books, and conversations with colleagues can help break down stereotypes and uncover unconscious biases.

Video Games

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Video games are enjoyed by people of all genders, but are often linked to masculinity. It is because of the prevalence of action-packed, violent games. However, modern men are recognizing that gaming preferences do not define their masculinity. They prioritize activities that align with their interests and values.

Sports Events

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Many men enjoy watching sports events to express their love for competition, bond with other males, and support their favorite teams. However, the unnecessary arguments and controversies often associated with sports fandom can deter some men from embracing this pastime. It is also not right to expect men to always like sports.

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