Never Store These 15 Things in Your Garage (Toss Them Out Immediately)

Your garage might seem like a convenient catch-all for storing a variety of items, but not everything is suited to this space. In fact, there are some items that are best kept far away from your garage for safety.


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Garage conditions, including temperature fluctuations and humidity, can damage sensitive electronic devices, leading to malfunctions or complete failure. For example, it can erode the exteriors and if it stays for long, it can rust the interiors as well. In extreme cases, electronics can also spark out causing electrical fire.


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Extreme temperature variations in the garage can cause paint to degrade or spoil, rendering it unusable. Extreme temperatures can rust the metal, lids, etc. Besides that, the consistency of the paint can change if it’s too cold or hot. In some cases, the paints can also become hazardous.

Important Documents

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Garages are susceptible to pests, moisture, and potential flooding, making them unsuitable for storing important documents that could be damaged or destroyed.

If not, you can easily lose documents if stored improperly. According to the Consumer Reports National Research Center, in 4 Americans misplace a financial document around the house.


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According to the National Insurance Study, In about one out of every ten home burglaries, the thieves get in through the garage. Items of significant value, such as jewelry or heirlooms, should not be stored in the garage due to security concerns and the risk of theft.

Perishable Food

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Garages are not temperature-controlled like indoor spaces, making them unsuitable for storing perishable food items, which can spoil quickly in fluctuating temperatures. Spoiled foods will also attract bugs and pests into your house leading to increased problems.

Flammable Materials

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Storing flammable materials like gasoline, propane tanks, insect sprays, antifreeze, fertilizers, weed killer, paints, or fireworks in the garage poses a significant fire hazard, especially in the presence of vehicles or other ignition sources. Besides that, if the temperature gets too hot or with direct sunlight, some flammable items can cause fire.

Clothing and Fabrics

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Moisture and pests in the garage can lead to mold, mildew, and pest damage to clothing and fabrics stored there. If you still need to store them, use vacuum bags.

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is susceptible to moisture damage and pest infestations in the garage, leading to warping, rotting, or insect damage over time. The temperature can also cause the wood to swell or contract. If you still have to, do not place it on the floor directly. Use a block or pallets to raise it above the floor. You should also wrap it up properly.


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Garage conditions are typically not conducive to preserving artwork, which temperature fluctuations, moisture, or pests may damage. Temperature changes also expand or shrink the artwork.

Family Photos and Albums

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Similarly, humidity, pests, and potential water damage make garages unsuitable for storing irreplaceable family photos and albums, which could be damaged beyond repair. In worst cases, the photos will peel off or get discolored. If the photos are in an album, humidity can cause them to stick to the album.


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Fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels in the garage can degrade the potency and effectiveness of medications, rendering them unsafe or ineffective. You can find temperature-sensitive medication here.

Leather Goods

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Temperature changes, for example, can damage leather items such as jackets, shoes, or bags. Moisture can attract pests if stored in the garage, leading to mold, mildew, or pest infestations. Hot air can dry the leather out, and moisture will spoil it completely. Temperature changes can also result in peeling off, making it completely useless.

Wine and Spirits

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Fluctuating garage temperatures can spoil wine and spirits, affecting their flavor and quality over time. Additionally, exposure to light and vibrations can degrade the contents of bottles.

Personal Care Products

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Cosmetics, toiletries, and personal care products can be affected by garage temperature extremes, leading to changes in texture, consistency, or effectiveness.


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Storing toys and collectibles in the garage comes with risks. Rodents and pests might find their way in and damage stuffed toys. Moisture in the garage can cause metal toys to rust, coins to tarnish, and trading cards to grow moldy.To protect these items, it’s best to store them in a dry, temperature-controlled environment indoors.


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