13 Outdated Things Boomers Still Spend Money On

Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. They have always been trendsetters, yet they hold tight to old-fashioned hobbies that seem out of place today. The younger generations like technology and digital lives, but boomers find comfort in the familiar. Here are the old hobbies that Boomers cannot quit.

Cable TV

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Boomers love their cable TV. While millennials and Gen Z binge on Netflix and Disney+, boomers stick with what they know—suitable old cable. Why? because it’s easy. They do not need to find which streamer has the latest hit. Also, they find it comforting to flip through channels and find something interesting.

Landline Telephones

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Even in the age of smartphones, many Boomers still have landlines. They think landlines are reliable and offer security, especially in emergencies. A landline connection can cost up to $45 a month, and boomers are ready to pay that cost for their comfort and reassurance that they are connected with their loved ones.

Print Media

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Boomers prefer newspapers and magazines over digital ones. They love their ritual of reading the paper with a cup of coffee and solving crossword puzzles.

Greeting Cards

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Boomers love sending and receiving greeting cards. Boomers are willing to spend $3 to $6 per card to send personalized messages on birthdays, holidays, and other special events. It’s a way to show care.

Specialty Home Appliances

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Boomers care a lot about home cooking and entertaining. They often invest in high-end specialty home appliances, such as fancy espresso machines and special bread makers.

This dedication to home appliances reflects their desire for quality and functionality.

Larger Vehicles

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Boomers love their big cars, whether it’s a large sedan or an SUV. For them, vehicles are a status symbol rather than just a mere mode of transportation.

In-Store Shopping

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Boomers prefer in-store shopping. They enjoy the traditional experience of browsing physical stores and talking with salespeople. This contrasts with the online shopping trend among younger generations.

Knitting and Crocheting

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Boomers love knitting and crocheting and find it creative and relaxing. The feel of creating something by hand is tactile.


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Golf is a classic Boomer pastime, providing a relaxed social experience. Boomers enjoy golf’s slow pace and camaraderie.

Stock Market Investments

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Boomers have a special relationship with the stock market. They often hold onto their investments despite changing trends. A Mint article says two-thirds of U.S. adults at or over the age of 65 own stocks.

Metal Detecting

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Metal detecting is a quirky hobby that Boomers enjoy. It combines outdoor exploration with the thrill of discovering hidden treasures. Many Boomers spend hours on beaches and parks. They are searching for coins and other valuables. It’s a mix of adventure, history, and exercise that keeps them returning for more.

Board Games

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Board games have experienced a resurgence, but for Boomers, they have never gone out of style. The games provide a real social experience. They bring back memories of family game nights and social gatherings and focus on social connections and fostering bonds among players.

Retro Fashion

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Boomers have seen fashion trends come and go, but they often hold onto old styles that reflect their youth. Trends like flared jeans, high-waisted skirts, and big glasses are coming back, but boomers never stopped wearing them.

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