17 School Activities Boomers Loved, but Gen Z Rejects

As generations evolve, so do our perceptions. What used to be considered harmless fun in schools may now be viewed as risky. From schoolyard adventures and classroom experiments, various school activities are now deemed risky for the modern student.

Tug of War

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Tug of war was more than a game. It tested strength, teamwork, and determination. The game would consist of two teams pulling the rope on each side. When one team crosses the centerline, the other team wins. However, this game provides plenty of scope for injuries, resulting in its steady decline.

Climbing Tall Playground Structures

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The towering metal jungle gyms felt like personal Mount Everest for previous generations. Children would ascend, experiencing a sense of triumph, only to recognize the huge height. However, these structures represent a bygone era of lesser safety precautions for Gen Z. Now parents struggle to comprehend why children were permitted to climb so high without proper safety measures.

Unsupervised Science Experiments

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The science lab was the place to venture into the unknown and to test curious minds. Students would embark on quests of knowledge, unsupervised and guided by their boundless imagination. Yet, this freedom is now deemed too hazardous because of the nature of unpredictable experiments.

Rooftop Access

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During lunchtime, the rooftop used to be a place for huddling together and having lunch. It occasionally was also a place for playing games. This once cherished hideaway is now strictly off-limits because of the dangers of being unsupervised on the rooftop.


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Dodgeball was the highlight of gym class but now it is viewed through a different lens. This game was played by two teams. One team had balls outside the circle and the team inside the circle had to evade the balls thrown at them. However, this game can result in physical harm as well as emotional distress. This led to many calls for the game’s retirement from the gymnasium.

Metal Shop Class

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In the past, the sounds of metal shop class echoed with students crafting their vision from raw materials. However, parents today perceive it as too risky as there can be cuts from sharp tools, burns from hot materials, and accidents involving heavy machinery. Additionally, exposure to metalworking fumes and dust may also be a concern for some parents.


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The woodworking class included creating different wooden items. Parents today perceive it as too risky with potential hazards like sharp tools and heavy machinery. The absence of proper safety measures raises concerns about accidents and injuries. Unlike more controlled craft classes, woodworking may pose a higher risk for students’ safety in the eyes of parents.

Running Barefoot

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Different school activities included running or playing in the field. However, participating in these activities without shoes resulted in injuries in the foot or stepping on something sharp. Parents are highly concerned about what this could do to their children due to which the activity of running barefoot slowly disappeared. This helps in avoiding any potential hazards related to the foot or dirty soles.

After-Hours Hide and Seek

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Playing hide and seek after school hours was almost like a daily ritual for students. However, concerns over security and unsupervised access led to the closure of this activity. Parents were concerned about potential accidents, injuries, and unauthorized access prompting schools to prioritize safety measures.

Snowball Fights

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Winter brought the joy of snow, turning schoolyards into arenas for epic snowball battles. But what was once a seasonal delight now worries parents due to the risk of injuries from hidden stones in the ice. Bans on these chilly clashes aim to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of students during outdoor activities.

Field Trips to Remote Locations

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Field trips were exciting adventures that broke the classroom routine, exploring caves, forests, and historic sites. The journey was as educational as the destination, teaching lessons in history and nature with each step. However, logistical challenges and safety concerns have made such trips almost obsolete. Schools now opt for virtual tours and local visits to minimize risks associated with remote locations to reduce the risk of transportation accidents and other emergencies.

Performing Actual Dissections

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Dissecting frogs or worms in biology class felt like authentic scientific exploration. However, it’s now considered somewhat barbaric and unnecessary, especially with digital alternatives available. Concerns about the ethical treatment of animals and exposure to hazardous materials have driven this shift towards alternative learning methods.


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Skateboarding to school was an adventurous journey. It showcased independence and skill. Students navigated sidewalks, mastering balance, and speed. Yet concerns over traffic accidents and injuries have led parents and schools to discourage this mode of travel. Safety precautions are emphasized to prevent accidents and the well-being of students during their commute to school.

Fence Climbing

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Climbing the school fence was a daring challenge and offered a quick escape or a shortcut to excitement. However, such acts are now strictly prohibited due to the risk of injury and the consequences of trespassing. Concerns about student safety and property damage drive schools to enforce regulations against fence climbing to maintain a secure learning environment.

Playing Red Rover Games

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Red Rover was once a game of strategy and strength. However, parents today feel like the game is an invitation to injuries. Charging into a wall of linked arms or risking being clotheslined can be unnecessarily rough. They prioritize safety over physical intensity when it comes to their children.

Blindfold Trust Exercises

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Trust exercises used to involve navigating obstacles blindfolded. Children had to rely on their classmates to find the correct direction to go. It was a lesson in trust and communication and helped in building teamwork. However, the potential for accidents during these blindfolded journeys has led to their discontinuation.

Extreme Makeovers

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Students would engage in activities that helped them unleash their creativity. They would paint, construct, and decorate, turning ordinary classrooms into extraordinary worlds. However, the potential mess, damage to property, and safety concerns have led schools to moderate these makeovers. Digital creativity is now preferred over physical transformations to minimize risks and maintain a safe learning environment.

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