19 Sneaky Hiding Spots That Can Fool The Burglars

While no one expects to get robbed, unexpected things can happen anytime. That’s why it’s always important to be prepared. Having a bespoke security system is a wise decision. However, sometimes hiding your valuables in plain sight actually helps in safeguarding them.

In this post, we will discuss 15 clever spots where you can hide your valuables that the burglars will. hardly suspect.

Above the Door

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The top of your door is actually a great place for hiding some cash or small jewelry. All you need to do is to drill a hole and insert a metal tube in it. Now, put your items in the tube to keep them out of the view.

Bathroom Tile

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A bathroom tile blends seamlessly with the aesthetics of your bathroom, making it a great storage spot. You can easily store small items or valuables in the title compartment. Go for a tile in a less obvious place, such as behind a bathroom shelf or any appliance. Also, make sure it doesn’t show any marks while removing or putting it back.

Within a Plant

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Since a potted plant offers a natural camouflage, it is less likely to get noticed. Opt for plants that are not too small and make sure to use a watertight container, such as a medicine box to bury your valuables. You can store small and flat items like cash or cards.


Homemade Egg Salad Sandwich with Lettuce on a Plate, side view. Copy space.
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This is a surprising but effective way to store your valuable belongings. These lettuce-like storage containers can deceive anyone. The bottom of the lettuce just snaps off to open up the hiding place. Just put your belongings inside and put the lettuce inside your fridge.

Removable Baseboard

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A baseboard has a dead space behind it that can easily be utilized. Simply cut a small section that can be hinged open or pulled away. To keep it closed yet accessible, attach strong magnets or brackets to it. It is great for storing flat items such as extra cash, documents, or small valuables. Make sure the cut is clean and the section matches perfectly with the wall to avoid any suspicion.

Fake Wall Outlet

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Burglars are highly unlikely to go around and check every single outlet in your home. That’s why they made the perfect hidden wall safes to store your smaller items such as cash, jewelry, or cards. Make sure it blends well with other outlets of the house to avoid drawing attention. Don’t put hefty items that might make the outlet protrude.

Air Conditioning Vent

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You can convert your standard vent or air return can into a great hiding spot by adding a small, lightweight container inside. Ensure that the container is securely attached to the vent to avoid any obstruction, airflow, or rattle. Make sure to check and clean the vent to avoid any dust buildup and keep up with the quality.


Hacker using laptop. Lots of digits on the computer screen.
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Your keyboard storage is quite a subtle spot to hide your belongings. Blending in nicely with your workspace, it would almost be invisible to the burglars. You can directly access concealed items here such as important documents or valuables you need to retrieve regularly.

Aluminium Box

Modern large luxurious dark brown, gray and black cozy
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Another storage solution in hindsight, aluminum foil draws little to no suspicion, blending it nicely with other kitchen essentials. Since they are almost in every kitchen, they offer a great space to store anything small and valuable.

Oversized Painting

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If you want to store something bigger, oversized paintings or frames can be an effective option. Since they are a common item in almost every home, they don’t draw much attention. You can put some documents, expensive gadgets, or any large items valuable to you.

Beneath the Refrigerator or Dishwasher

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Refrigerators and dishwashers often have a removable front grille revealing a hidden storage area underneath, which most burglars would not even consider looking. However, before hiding anything, check the location of the coils. In some models, obstructing these items could restrict airflow, causing the fridge to overwork and possibly sustain damage. For an extra layer of security, consider concealing your valuables inside a dishwasher compartment.


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You don’t need to buy those fake rocks to hide a spare key when you can make a more convincing version yourself. Simply attach a real rock to the top of a small container, like an old prescription bottle, and bury it so only the rock shows. This realistic appearance is likely to deceive even the cleverest thieves, unlike the obviously fake plastic rocks.

Tissue Holder

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Place a flat tissue box in a standard tissue box holder to create a handy hidden compartment. You can either purchase a universal holder or use a typical one and elevate the tissue box with some blocks.

Sofa Storage

Image Credits: Krakenimages.com, Shutterstock

Items hidden within a sofa are not in plain sight, reducing the chance of them being found during a quick search. While effectively hidden, your valuables remain easily accessible to you, tucked away in compartments that might look like ordinary parts of the sofa, such as under the cushions or inside armrests with hidden panels.

Vacuum Cleaner Bag

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Ensure that the vacuum cleaner is not in regular use and that the item you’re hiding does not interfere with the vacuum’s operation. This location is typically overlooked due to its simplicity. Simply remove the bag and use the space to stash your items. Even if you don’t have an old vacuum cleaner; any common household item with an interior space could serve as a secret storage spot. Consider using old printers, computer towers, or children’s toys. For added security, opt for an item with a screw-on cover.

Shoe Sole

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Some shoes come with a removable sock liner—the foam pad inside the shoe. You can take it out and hide some cash there. It’s unlikely a thief would want to search through your shoes. This can be a clever way to keep emergency cash safe while traveling unless your sneakers are attractive enough to be stolen themselves.

Paint Can

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When you finish a can of paint, don’t throw it away. Instead, fill it with valuables and store it with your other paint cans. The snug lid keeps smells and sounds inside, making it harder for someone to guess what’s hidden. The remaining paint also makes it seem like there’s nothing unusual about its placement. However, make sure that the can is clean and free of any chemicals.

Attic Insulation

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Attic insulation is a viable storage option for things you don’t often use but want to keep safe. Make sure to put these valuables in a container that is both waterproof and protected against rodents before hiding them.

Fake Drawer

Image Credit: LI CHAOSHU, Shutterstock

Choose a deep drawer to ensure the modified depth isn’t noticeable. Cut a piece of 1/4-inch plywood to be just slightly smaller than the drawer’s dimensions. Place it atop two wooden strips secured to the sides of the drawer with hot glue. Attach a common drawer item to this false bottom to serve as a handle for lifting and accessing the hidden compartment below. This would make a great DIY false drawer to keep your belongings.

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