The 12 Most Sought-After Jobs for Seniors in America

According to reports from the Pew Research Centre, 19% of Americans aged 65 and above were employed in 2023. Their average hourly income also increased from $13 in 1987 to $22 in 2022.

If you are eager to start or re-start your career at 65 or older, here’s a list of the top 12 career options for you based on a survey report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2023.

Management Occupations

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Management positions and other professional job roles are well-suited for senior citizens.

Roughly 15% of all working Americans above 65 years of age are employed in managerial positions.

Based on your education and experience, you could consider applying for the position of CEO or general and operational manager. Certain specific roles also include positions for financial manager, sales manager, and others.

Sales and Related Occupations

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Most organizations are happy to employ senior citizens for the positions of first-line supervisors for retail and non-retail sales workers.

Nearly 11% of American seniors in 2023 were employed as retail salespersons, cashiers, and supervisors for salesmen.

If you’ve worked in the sales field in your younger days, these job roles are something that you can consider for yourself in your golden years.

Office and Administrative Support Occupations

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Getting into an office administration role where your job is to ensure smooth operations of the organization is an interesting career choice for Americans in their elderly stage.

As per the statistics from BLS for 2023, approximately 10.5% of senior Americans were employed in clerical positions.

YIf you’re interested, you can get employed as a bookkeeper, accountant, or auditor. Some other options include operators, collectors, and tellers.

Transportation and Material Moving Occupations

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The transportation industry offers favourable employment options for Americans in their advanced years.

Roughly 7.5% percent of all employed citizens of America who are over 65 years of age were working in this sector as of 2023.

You could work as an air traffic controller, flight attendant, or bus driver. If you enjoy sailing, you might want to consider working as a sailor, ship engineer, or boat captain.

Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations

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For the elderly who have the desired degrees and certifications, working in the healthcare sector is also an option.

During 2023, close to 6% of working Americans above 65 years of age were employed as surgeons, therapists, pharmacists, or other positions in the medical field.

The healthcare sector also gives you opportunities to work as a physician, dietician, and nurse practitioner.

Education, Training, and Library Occupations

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Teaching is a noble profession and you could enjoy working with young minds and learners in your old age.

As per the BLS report from 2023, nearly 6% of employed seniors from America were working as teachers, tutors, and technicians.

The exact amount of money you make would depend upon your education and experience. If you are keen on getting into a part-time job position with flexible working hours, you can look for job roles in the education industry.

Business and Financial Operations Occupations

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In the year 2023, a little less than 6% of working Americans above 65 years of age were working in this sector as an agent, analyst, or specialist.

For business and financial operation management, companies are looking for trustworthy and reliable employees. You can seek help from your network and might get a referral for a job opportunity in this industry.

Production Occupations

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If you are great with machines and enjoy working with them, you could consider the production occupations sector to explore old-age employment opportunities for yourself.

A small percentage of 65+ years old working citizens of America are employed as assemblers, fabricators, and machinists. This is mostly a field job and requires you to work with tools as well.

For the elderly with a keen interest and hands-on experience, working in this sector can be a lucrative option.

Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations

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During 2023, close to 3% of employed senior Americans were working as janitors, maids, and cleaners.

If you enjoy housekeeping and cleaning up spaces for regular maintenance, this is something you can also consider doing for part-time or full-time employment in your old age.

There are also work opportunities for tree trimmers, pest control workers, and landscapers. You have plentiful options to choose from.

Construction and Extraction Occupations

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As per BLS statistics, a very small percentage of senior American citizens also take up job roles as construction laborers, electricians, and carpenters.

If you have a keen interest and if your health permits work at building sites, you might consider employment in this industry.

There are also other opportunities available as painters, tile installers, and plumbers.

Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations

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With previous experience of working in the hotel and hospitality industry, you might want to consider employment opportunities in the food preparation and serving occupations.

At the age of 65+, it can be fun to work as a chef, cook, or even bartender. Based on your interest, you can also consider taking up job roles as food servers at coffee shops or lounges or managing fast food counters.

Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations

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For those who enjoy debugging, repair, and maintenance jobs, there is a variety of job roles available for the elderly.

BLS statistics from 2023 highlight that less than 3% of employed Americans in the 65+ age category are working as installers, repairers, and mechanics.

You can also choose to work as a technician or helper in the field.

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