The Best International Food Trips for Vegetarians, New Study Reveals The Top 10

As the world continues to embrace healthier and more sustainable lifestyles, vegetarianism has gained significant traction. A recent study by analyzed various countries to identify the top vegetarian-friendly travel destinations. By examining metrics such as the vegetarian population, the number of vegetarian restaurants, and meat consumption per capita, this study reveals the best destinations for vegetarians. Here is an in-depth look at the top destinations.


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India stands out as the leading vegetarian-friendly travel destination, with a composite score of 70.61. The country boasts the highest percentage of vegetarians globally, with 29.5% of its population following a vegetarian diet. Although India has a relatively low number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants (1,374), its rich street food culture and traditional vegetarian dishes compensate for this. Furthermore, India has the lowest meat consumption per capita at 4.59 kg, reinforcing its position as the global leader in vegetarianism.

United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom takes the second spot with a composite score of 52.49. With 10% of its population being vegetarian, the UK also has the highest number of vegetarian and vegan restaurant listings, totaling 12,047. This marks a significant shift towards plant-based dining, contrasting sharply with the country’s traditionally meat-heavy diet. Cities such as London and Manchester have become hubs for diverse and innovative vegetarian cuisine, ranging from high-end restaurants to casual eateries.


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Germany ranks third with a composite score of 50.21. Matching the UK’s vegetarian population at 10%, Germany has 11,183 vegetarian and vegan restaurant listings. Despite its historically meat-centric cuisine, Germany is witnessing a notable increase in vegetarianism and veganism. Cities like Berlin are particularly known for their vibrant vegetarian food scenes, offering a variety of options from traditional German dishes to international cuisines. This cultural shift towards sustainable and healthy eating habits is evident across the country.


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Thailand, with a composite score of 37.54, offers a unique blend of traditional and modern vegetarian cuisine. Although only 8% of its population is vegetarian, Thailand has 2,135 vegan and vegetarian restaurants, making it a top destination for vegetarian travelers. The country’s rich culinary traditions, which naturally incorporate a variety of vegetables and plant-based ingredients, make it an ideal location for vegetarians. Cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai are particularly noted for their extensive vegetarian food scenes, featuring everything from street food to fine dining.


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Italy ranks fifth with a composite score of 33.39. Known for its culinary traditions, Italy has embraced vegetarianism with 5,478 vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Classic dishes like Margherita Pizza and Pasta Pomodoro highlight the country’s vegetarian offerings. Italy’s diverse regional cuisines offer a plethora of vegetarian options, from the simple yet flavorful dishes of Tuscany to the rich and hearty meals of Sicily. The Italian diet, which emphasizes fresh and locally sourced ingredients, aligns well with vegetarian principles.


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Japan stands at the sixth spot with a composite score of 33.02. With 9% of its population being vegetarian and 2,837 vegetarian restaurants, Japan’s traditional dishes such as Miso Soup and Vegetable Sushi reflect its growing acceptance of plant-based diets. The Japanese diet, known for its balance and emphasis on fresh ingredients, lends itself naturally to vegetarianism. Cities like Tokyo and Kyoto offer a wide range of vegetarian dining options, from traditional Japanese cuisine to contemporary vegetarian innovations.


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Vietnam ranks seventh with a composite score of 28.98. With a 10% vegetarian population and 1,614 vegetarian restaurant listings, Vietnam offers an array of authentic plant-based meals. This Southeast Asian country is an underrated gem for vegetarian travelers. Vietnamese cuisine, with its emphasis on fresh herbs and vegetables, provides a variety of flavorful and nutritious vegetarian dishes. Cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are known for their vibrant vegetarian food scenes, featuring a mix of traditional and modern culinary creations.


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Australia, with a composite score of 28.47, presents an interesting contrast. Despite having the highest meat consumption per capita at 121.53 kg, the country has a sizable vegetarian community and 6,637 vegetarian restaurant listings, indicating a shift towards plant-based eating. Australia’s major cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne, have embraced vegetarianism with a wide array of dining options, from trendy cafes to gourmet restaurants. The Australian diet is increasingly incorporating plant-based alternatives, reflecting a growing awareness of health and sustainability issues.


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Canada ranks ninth with a composite score of 25.46. With 7.6% of its population practicing vegetarianism and more than 4,587 vegetarian restaurant listings, Canada is demonstrating a growing inclination towards vegetarian and vegan lifestyles despite its traditional meat-centric diet. Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver are leading the way in offering diverse and innovative vegetarian cuisine. The country’s multicultural culinary scene provides a rich variety of vegetarian options, from traditional dishes to international flavors.


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France rounds out the top ten with a composite score of 23.48. Known for its meat-rich gastronomy, France is experiencing a gentle shift towards vegetarianism. With a 5.2% vegetarian population and 3,790 vegetarian restaurant listings, France offers a blend of traditional and modern vegetarian cuisine. Cities like Paris and Lyon are at the forefront of this movement, offering a variety of vegetarian dining options that cater to both locals and tourists. The French approach to vegetarianism emphasizes quality and creativity, making it an appealing destination for plant-based eaters.

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