16 Things Americans Insist Must Become Illegal

Things can quickly become widely disliked to the point where people may demand their prohibition. In the United States, there’s a long list of things that many Americans feel should be banned without any delay.

Plastic Packaging

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The U.S. generates a significant amount of plastic waste than anywhere in the world. The country can benefit by following Europe’s example by banning single-use plastics and packaging. The impact of plastic is concerning for the environment as well as the health of the people. It’s high time to prioritize sustainability and think about the future by reducing the reliance on plastic.

Loud Commercials

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TV commercials often blast sound levels to grab attention. This can be annoying for viewers. The sudden increase in volume feels unnecessary and disruptive. Many people find themselves reaching for the remote or leaving the room when commercials come on. This leaves us questioning the effectiveness of TV advertising tactics.


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Fireworks are enjoyed by many for their visual spectacles. However, their loud noises can be distressing for people and animals alike. Additionally, fireworks pose a significant risk of starting fires. This can lead to numerous emergency calls each year. Considering the dangers and disruptions they cause, banning fireworks for personal use could be a positive step forward.

Spam Calls

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Spam and telemarketing calls have become a nuisance for many Americans. Blocking numbers is often ineffective and the constant barrage of unsolicited calls is frustrating. It is time for stricter regulations to stop this intrusive practice and protect individuals from scams or unwanted solicitations.

The 40-Hour Workweek

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The traditional 40-hour+ workweek may no longer suit the needs of modern workers. Many believe in adopting a more flexible schedule. For instance, a four-day workweek could improve work-life balance as well as elevate productivity. It’s time to rethink and ban outdated work structures and focus on employee well-being.

Not Posting Job Salaries

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Job seekers often find it frustrating when job postings lack transparency about salary expectations. Vague descriptions like “competitive salary” can be misleading and leave candidates uncertain about the compensation for a position. Employers should be upfront about salary ranges to ensure fairness and attract quality candidates.

Animal Breeders

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Animal breeding practices often come under scrutiny due to concerns about animal welfare and overpopulation. Breeding animals indiscriminately continues to cause pet homelessness and overcrowded shelters. This practice denies many animals the chance of finding loving homes. It is because it prioritizes profit over the well-being of animals. That’s why many believe that putting a ban or addressing this issue through regulations or prohibitions is crucial.

Political Donations

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Greater transparency is required when it comes to political donations. This can prevent undue influence on legislation. Requiring politicians to disclose significant donors and unveiling the owners of shell companies could enhance accountability. It can also elevate the overall integrity of the political process. It’s essential to uphold democratic principles and limit the influence of money in politics.

Bots Buying Concert Tickets

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The prevalence of bots buying up concert tickets within seconds of release has frustrated fans worldwide. This practice deprives genuine fans of the opportunity to attend concerts. It also leads to inflated prices on resale platforms. Concert organizers and ticket sellers should implement proper measures to prevent ticket scalping and ensure fair access to the events for all fans.

Putting Trash in Ocean

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Over 14 million tons of plastic and other wastes like bottle caps, cigarettes, and soda cans enter the ocean each year. Marine animals often eat plastic bits, mistaking them for food. This often leads to their death. Plastic pollution damages habitats like coral reefs and beaches, affecting fishing and tourism. That’s why it is crucial to raise awareness and take action to reduce waste and safeguard the ocean and its creatures.

Two Ads in a Row on YouTube

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Consecutive ads on YouTube disrupt the viewing experience and frustrate many users. Watching back-to-back advertisements interrupts the flow of content and can be perceived as excessive and annoying. This practice is more aligned towards advertising revenue over user experience. This undermines the enjoyment of online content for viewers.

Child Beauty Pageants

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Child beauty pageants continue to raise concerns among many people. Participating in these competitions can have detrimental effects on both parents and children. It often leads to emotional distress and an unhealthy attitude towards beauty. While adult beauty pageants have their controversies, the inclusion of children adds an unsettling dimension to these events.

Parents Using Children in Videos for Money

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The practice of parents exploiting their children for monetary gain, especially through online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok is troubling. While some may argue it’s harmless entertainment, it can have long-term consequences for the children involved. It includes invasion of privacy, exploitation, and potential emotional harm. Such practices focus on the financial gain over the well-being of children for which this practice needs to be banned.

High Price of Medicines

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The exorbitant prices of medicines in the U.S. are a major concern. High medication costs can prevent individuals from accessing essential treatments. It can result in adverse health conditions and financial stress. This issue highlights the need for putting a ban on the increasing cost and providing affordable healthcare solutions. It should prioritize the well-being of patients over profits.

Super-Bright Headlights

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The prevalence of super-bright headlights poses risks to road safety and driver comfort. Blinding headlights from oncoming traffic can distract and disorient drives. It can increase the likelihood of accidents, especially at night. The intensity of LED headlights exacerbates this issue. It makes nighttime driving more challenging and potentially hazardous for everyone on the road.


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Many Americans advocate for banning zoos due to concerns over animal welfare, ethical considerations, and conservation issues. The animals kept in confined spaces exhibit signs of stress and unnatural behaviors. That’s why, instead of zoos, alternatives like virtual reality experiences can offer more ethical and informative ways to learn about wildlife. Safety concerns regarding animal escapes also contribute to the call for phasing out zoo

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