16 Items Frugal People Refuse to Buy Brand New”

Frugal living is about smart choices, not about missing out. It means you enjoy life more by spending less. Frugal folks often skip buying new items. They opt for used ones instead. This choice saves money and adds a unique touch to their lives. Let’s look at what frugal people usually don’t buy new.


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Frugal readers often consider used books to be an intelligent choice. As of 2022, North America’s market share within the global second-hand books market is 27.8%.

You can find good deals at online marketplaces and thrift stores. Libraries also play a crucial role. They provide a fantastic opportunity to borrow books for free. Readers on a budget can build a big book collection without worrying about cost.


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Looking stylish doesn’t mean spending a lot. According to Capital One Shopping, 16-18% of Americans shop at thrift stores yearly. Frugal shoppers hunt for deals in thrift stores and online. They find gently used clothes that look great. This approach is both creative and kind to the planet.


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Frugal decorators love mixing styles. They avoid new furniture with high price tags. Instead, they find gems at garage sales and thrift stores. According to a new study, 9 in 10 Americans (89%) will look for lightly used or resale options before purchasing new furniture. This lets them create a home with the character without spending too much.


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Frugal drivers prefer reliable used cars over shiny new ones. Smart car buyers think it’s better to focus on value rather than the fancy appearance of a new car in the showroom. They know a reliable used car can offer similar functionality, convenience, and low-cost insurance without the steep price tag.

Sports Gear

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Fitness enthusiasts who save money love finding affordable sports gear. They check thrift stores and online for deals. This way, they stay fit without breaking the bank. From bikes to tennis rackets, second-hand sports gear is a win.


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Savvy parents know kids’ interests change fast. They choose used toys instead of new ones. This saves money and still brings joy to their kids.

Musical Instruments

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Budding musicians save by choosing second-hand instruments. They focus on their music, not on having the newest instruments. They find what they need online or from other musicians.

Refurbished Electronics

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Frugal people can save money by choosing used or refurbished electronic devices. These devices may include fixed-up phones, laptops, or tablets. Many of these gadgets work like new again after repair, making them truly more affordable than buying brand-new ones.

Kitchen Appliances

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Frugal cooks find second-hand kitchen gadgets. Based on data from Statista, the average expenditure of American households on significant appliances is approximately $400 annually and you can cut it down by opting for second-hand products.

Frugalists know they only need to spend a little for a well-equipped kitchen. This smart move keeps them within budget.


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New bicycles are expensive, especially if they have more functionality. If you buy used bikes, you still get the joy and functionality of a new bike but at a cheaper rate. These bikes are often well cared for.


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Frugal people use gently used jewelry pieces from thrift stores and online marketplaces. These items shine just as bright without the high cost. However, they come without the hefty price tag. Thus, they make a smart and stylish choice by opting for second-hand treasures.

Board Games

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Who doesn’t enjoy game nights? You can have fun with the entire family without spending a lot. Frugalists pick up games and puzzles second-hand, making for fun evenings without the expense.


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Savvy travelers find durable, used luggage for their adventures. They shop at thrift stores or find the best deals on eBay, ensuring their gear is ready for adventures without the high cost.

Collectibles and Antiques

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Collectors with an eye for value hunt for antiques and collectibles. They prefer items with a story over new ones. They find treasures in flea markets and online.

Cameras & Photography Equipment

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Frugal photographers opt for used gear. They find quality cameras and lenses this way, allowing them to pursue their hobby affordably.

Designer Dresses for Special Occasions

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Memorable events don’t need new designer dresses. Frugal fashion lovers seek out gently-used high-fashion pieces or rent the attire for a day or two. They find stunning outfits for these occasions without the designer price tag. This approach keeps their style high and their spending low.

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