18 Things Most Baby Boomers Wish They Could Still Do

The baby boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1964, witnessed a marvelous period of many social, economic, and technological changes. They saw the rise of rock ‘n’ roll and the advent of the digital age, among many other significant events.

However, as these baby boomers age, they may find themselves yearning to do many activities they once enjoyed doing in their younger days.

Engage in Physical Activities and Sports

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Baby boomers grew up in an era of expanding sporting culture. So, they miss participating in physical activities and sports very much. They reminisce about the good old days when they used to participate in sports and physical activities without limitations.

Travel and Explore the World

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Traveling is another cherished activity that many baby boomers wish they could still do. In their younger days, travel was revolutionized by increased car ownership and Interstate Highway Systems, making road trips popular.

Travelling offers a sense of adventure and thrill to many baby boomers which they miss now due to their failing health or financial issues.

Enjoy Vibrant Social Lives

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Many baby boomers reminisce about their younger days when they used to attend social gatherings, parties, and cultural events. Now, their social circle may have shrunk due to the loss of friends and loved ones, mobility issues, or the relocation of family members.

Participating in Creative and Intellectual Pursuits

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Baby boomers were raised in an era where creativity and intellectual expression were highly encouraged. They embraced music taking inspiration from bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, or Led Zeppelin, and participated in school and community theater.

They often engaged in activities like painting, writing, or taking part in intellectual debates fueled by the social movements of the 1960s and 1970s like the civil rights movement. Now, in their old age, they may not be able to engage in such activities due to physical limitations or cognitive decline.

Experience Technological Simplicity

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Baby boomers may have witnessed the rapid advancement of technology but in their hearts, they wish for the simplicity of earlier times. In earlier times, personal interactions were more direct and less mediated by screens.

Boomers miss the times when communication was less complicated by digital devices and social media. They find the need to constantly adapt themselves to the latest technology frustrating.

Maintain Physical and Mental Health

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Many baby boomers wish to enjoy the robust health they once had in their earlier years. Now, in their old age, they experience chronic illnesses, reduced mobility, and mental decline, which can be quite challenging. Maintaining good health is a universal desire and it’s the foundation to enjoy other aspects of life. The wish for good health is a desire to regain control over lives and to improve overall quality.

Contribute to Society

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Many baby boomers were active contributors to society through their social work, volunteering, and community involvement. Such activities gave them a sense of purpose and fulfillment. But after their retirement and due to the constraints imposed by aging, they may not be able to pursue such work leading to feelings of uselessness and insignificance.

Engage in Lifelong Learning

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The pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong journey. Many baby boomers wish to continue to add to their knowledge by enrolling in new courses, workshops, reading, or taking up new hobbies. But old age and failing health present a challenge to them. Life-long learning keeps the mind active and engaged. For baby boomers, the ability to learn and grow intellectually is a part of their identity.

Spend Time with Family and Loved Ones

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Spending time with family and loved ones is a cherished thing.

However, many baby boomers may not be able to take part in family gatherings and events due to their failing health and mobility issues.

There may be a geographical distance between them and their children and grandchildren. For many, family connections provide emotional support and a sense of continuity. Being away from family and loved ones can bring about sadness and isolation.

Reconnect with Old Friends

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Baby boomers miss the good times they enjoyed with their friends in the past. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion that makes them reconnect with their long-lost friends and relive events from their past. Friendships offer them emotional support and a sense of shared history, and reconnecting with old friends is comforting to them.

Dance and Enjoy Music

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Dancing and enjoying music were the common activities of the baby boomers. Many miss the social dance scenes of their youth when they used to groove to the tunes of disco. They used to enjoy the live performances of iconic bands like The Beatles. They miss the opportunity to dance to their favorite tunes and visit concerts and dance halls.

Drive Long Distances

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Driving is the symbol of autonomy and independence. Many baby boomers wish they could drive long distances and visit their favorite places without the physical strain and the concerns of safety.

Engage in DIY Projects

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Many baby boomers took pride in their ability to fix things around the house themselves and engage in DIY activities. This gives them a sense of achievement and fulfillment. They miss the opportunity to complete such projects themselves. DIY projects provide a sense of mental and physical engagement.

Enjoy the Cultural Scene

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The baby boomers had a profound impact on the cultural scene during their formative years. There was the rise in rock n roll, television, and Hollywood movies. People were taking part in social movements like the civil rights movement and the feminist movement.

Then, there was the counterculture, epitomized by the hippie culture. The boomers miss the mental stimulation and enjoyment provided by cultural activities. These activities provide a sense of connection to a broader society and enrich lives.

Participate in Fitness Classes

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Baby boomers were probably the first generation to embrace daily exercise and regular workouts. They had the Jane Fonda workout tapes, legwarmers, and racquetball to aid their fitness journey.

For some boomers, fitness almost became a religion. They now miss taking part in such activities due to the limitations imposed by old age.

Eat Without Dietary Restrictions

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Boomers enjoy having meatloaf, fish sticks, margarine, sardines, tuna casserole and bologna sandwiches. However many baby boomers face dietary restrictions due to their health concerns. Food is a source of enjoyment and cultural identity. These dietary restrictions may rob the baby boomers of enjoyment. They may miss the freedom to eat their favorite things without worrying about the consequences.

Celebrate Events with Large gatherings

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Many baby boomers remember celebrating important festivals and events with large family gatherings and community events. For example – drive-in theaters were very common during their youth. Many boomers miss the chance to watch a movie under the stars, the privacy of their cars along with the shared experience of the audience. They miss the warmth and joy of such gatherings and wish they could celebrate with others in the same old way.

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