10 Unexpected Valuables Lurking in Thrift Stores Near You

Thrift stores hold vast treasures we often ignore. While many visit these stores for budget-friendly options or unique clothing and decor, there is a realm of items that, if stumbled upon, could be worth a fortune.

From vintage pieces to precious jewelry to branded items, thrift stores seem to have it all. Here are ten things that cost a fortune but can be found in thrift stores.

Be sure to keep this list in mind during your next thrift store visit!


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Jadeite glassware, popularized in the early to mid-20th century, is made of opaque milk glass. The product is known for its durability and nostalgic charm. Originally produced in the 1940s, it went out of production, but thanks to social media, its popularity has resurged.

Today, due to its rarity and popularity, the prices of Jadeite glassware have risen to over $1000, but they can often be found in thrift stores for as low as $20.


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Leather jackets are stylish and can be worn with any dress. They are also a perfect addition to your fall collection. The only problem is that they are very expensive, especially the branded ones.

Leather jackets cost upwards of $300, and the branded ones can cross $2000, but there is a high chance you could find an authentic 100% leather jacket for $7 to $9. If you’re lucky, you can find branded ones like Lewis Leather, Vanson, Schott, Aero, etc.


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There have been instances of rare books like the first editions of “Harry Potter” and “The Hobbit” being found in thrift stores; these are worth a fortune, with the first edition of “The Hobbit” selling for $13000.

Collectors and enthusiasts often purchase rare books and comics at high prices.

Buying a rare comic could significantly dent your pocket, but you could find one, like an old Spiderman comic or a hardcover of Dr. Seuss’s beginner classics, in a thrift store for just $5.99.


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Buying artwork, be it for decoration or collection, can be expensive. This is where thrift stores come in; you can find vintage oil paintings, signed artwork, sketches, and many more. Even the seemingly ordinary frames and decorative pieces can be worth a fortune if purchased in the market.

There have been instances of people buying beautiful signed landscape paintings and vintage artworks for less than $15.

In 2017, a woman purchased a painting for $4$ in Savers’Savers’ second-hand shop in New Hampshire. The painting was later identified as an N.C. Wyeth painting and was sold for a whopping $191,000.

Not everyone will find anything like this, but good works of art could be resold for $500 and above, especially if they are vintage and have a good frame.


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Pyrex is a well-known brand of durable kitchenware developed in the 1900s. The colored Pyrex that people are so fond of was introduced in 1945 but was later discontinued. Pyrex became an overnight sensation in American households because of its attractiveness and durability. Pyrex cookware is resistant to extreme heat, making it ideal for baking and cooking.

Pyrex’s Lucky in Love model was sold for a whopping $20000 because it is one of the rarest models. Pyrex cookware can cost upwards of $500 online and in vintage stores, but it can be purchased for $9.99 to $36 in thrift stores.


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Thrift stores are often filled with worthless jewelry that you can use and throw away, but sometimes, you can find valuable pieces of jewelry that are worth a fortune.

Thrift stores sell multiple pieces of jewelry together for alarmingly low prices, but buying each piece separately could cost a lot of money. For example, a lot of more than twenty pieces of vintage necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings, and earrings cost just $29.99. If purchased from the Salvation Army individually, the whole lot could cost more than $1000.

There have also been numerous instances where people found gold and diamonds in thrift stores; they purchased these pieces for less than $10 only to later discover that they now owned a piece of jewelry worth more than $5000.


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Fine China is synonymous with fine dining. Fine China dinnerware is collected by many people who wish to have a whole set; the older the set, the more its value increases.

Bone China dinnerware is the most preferred owing to its intricate design and the use of animal bone ash in its making. It is considered to be a status symbol as well as an aesthetic addition to one’s collection. Bone china dinnerware can be purchased for just $7.99 to $9.99, but depending on its age and quality, it could be worth more than $1000.


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Wicker and Rattan chairs, sofas, and baskets are among the most preferred indoor furniture because of their comfort and attractiveness. They match every interior and give the place a homely look. They are also much more durable than other furniture and will hence last longer.

Buying new Wicker and Rattan furniture could cost up to $2000, but thrifting them will cost no more than $150, with a starting price of $9.99 only. In thrift stores, you may also stumble upon an antique piece.


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One can easily find old coins in thrift stores, and sometimes, rare old coins are also found. Rare coins are those that were minted in limited quantities or had unique features.

You can find rare valuable coins in a thrift store. More often than not, people don’t know if a coin is truly valuable or not.

Some coins, like the 1913 Liberty head Nickel or the 1933 Double Eagle $20 (regular strike), cost more than $4,000,000.

Many coin collectors will readily pay a lot of money for vintage and rare coins found in thrift stores.


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Thrift stores are often filled with branded clothes and accessories. One can easily find clothing from popular brands like Ralph Lauren, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and more. These clothes are often of good quality and more durable than other clothes.

Ralph Lauren dresses cost a maximum of $9.99 at the Salvation Army thrift store, but the same clothes could cost more than $500.

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