20 Unexpected Items in Your Home Worth a Fortune

Imagine throwing away the antique furniture without knowing its worth or the card set that your dad collected but is now worth millions. Keep reading if you are curious about such underrated items that can be worth millions. 

Antique Toys:

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 Old toy cars, dolls, board games, and even action figures, especially from the 1950s-1980s, can fetch a surprising price if well-preserved and rare. Also, that forgotten Slinky in the attic might be a collector’s goldmine. 

Many websites can help you list your vintage toys and make money out of them. 

First Editions: 

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Tucked away on a bookshelf, that dusty old book could be a first edition signed by the author, potentially worth thousands. Check for inscriptions, limited print numbers, and publisher’s marks.

For example, in 2011, a signed copy of “To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee was sold for $25,000. The price of such limited items only goes up, and in 2024, its value might increase manyfold. 

Vintage Clothing & Accessories: 

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Your grandma’s old fur coat or grandpa’s leather bomber jacket could be hot collector’s items, especially if they’re from iconic brands or in pristine condition. Don’t discount those funky vintage sunglasses in the back of the drawer. 

Recently, a 100-year-old Levi’s jeans were valued at US$50,000 to US$70,000 at the Joopiter auction house. 

Signed Sports Memorabilia: 

A Scattered Collection of Vintage Basketball Cards
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That autographed baseball bat or faded jersey could be worth a fortune, especially if it belonged to a legendary player or had historical significance.

For example, recently, a Babe Ruth rookie card was auctioned by Roward Edward Auctions at around $10 million

Unused Electronics: 

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Remember that unopened Game Boy from the 90s? Or that never-fired Polaroid camera? Vintage, sealed electronics in mint condition can be highly sought-after by collectors.

It doesn’t have to be that old, either. In Wright Auctions, a 2007 iPhone was recently set at a whooping base price of $32,000

Fine Art: 

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An inherited painting gathering dust might be the work of a forgotten artist or an early masterpiece. You can start by looking up the painting online with the help of Google Lens. 

However, once you find something interesting, get it professionally appraised. 

Mid-Century Modern Furniture: 

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Those quirky chairs and couches in Grandma’s basement could be valuable pieces of iconic mid-century modern design, sought-after by interior designers and collectors.

Comic Books: 

London, UK - December 18, 2018: Comic books on a window retail display of Gosh! Comics shop in Covent Garden a famous tourist area in London with lots of shops and restaurants.
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That stack of old Archie comics in the attic might include rare first appearances of beloved characters, making them worth a mint to collectors.

Recently, a Milwaukee comic shop owner got their hands on a rare copy of a Spider-Man comic. It was published in 1962 and was sold at only $3.6. It is now valued around $35,000 and more. 

Collectible Records: 

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Vinyl is back in vogue. Old LPs of classic artists or limited-edition pressings can fetch a hefty sum, especially if they’re in good condition.

You get more money if they are in factory-sealed conditions or if the songs aren’t readily available online. 

Historic Documents: 

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - Nov 14, 2016: President of Ukraine Poroshenko examined Latin version of Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk and other documents of Ukrainian Cossacks stored in State Archive of Sweden
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Old letters, diaries, or photos from ancestors might provide a glimpse into historical events. This makes them valuable to museums or collectors, mainly if the documents discuss specific historical movements or eras. They can help historians and researchers reconstruct the past and understand the context and perspectives of the people who lived in different times and places. Therefore, they are often valued very high. 

Royal Doulton Figurines: 

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These charming porcelain figurines can be surprisingly valuable, especially if they’re older, rare, or in excellent condition.

In 2022, a rare rabbit figurine was sold for £35k at a Staffordshire auction. Earlier, similar figurines were sold for around £20,000 to £25,000. Therefore, do look up thoroughly if you find any such porcelain dolls in your storeroom. 

Hot Wheels Cars: 

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Those tiny toy cars you played with as a kid might be worth more than you think. Certain limited-edition or vintage Hot Wheels can command high prices on the collector market.

Vintage Cameras: 

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Old film cameras, especially iconic brands like Leicas or Nikons, can be highly sought-after by photography enthusiasts and collectors.


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Remember those clunky typing machines? Collectors love them—especially vintage models from renowned brands or in unique colors.

Last year, one typewriter collection by Steve Soboroff was estimated at $282,825

Quilts & Textiles: 

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Antique quilts with rare fabric patterns or historical significance can be incredibly valuable. Check for intricate quilting techniques and unique materials.

Stamps & Coins: 

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Don’t throw out those old stamps or coin collections. Rare specimens or historically significant pieces can be worth a surprising amount. For example, last November, a rare US postal stamp named “Inverted Jenny” was sold for a record-breaking price of $2M.

LEGO Sets: 

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Sealed, unopened LEGO sets, especially older or limited-edition ones, can be highly collectible and valuable. That dusty Millennium Falcon in the closet might be a financial lifesaver!

Movie Posters: 

Tokyo, Japan, 3 November 2023: Urban Street Scene with Movie Advertisement Banners
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Original movie posters, especially signed ones or classic films, can be worth a fortune to movie buffs and collectors. Like recently, posters of Clint Eastwood were auctioned for about £40,000 each

Costume Jewelry: 

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Don’t underestimate the power of vintage costume jewelry. Pieces from iconic designers or with unique stones can be quite valuable.

Furniture Made from Reclaimed Wood: 

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Eco-conscious furniture made from reclaimed wood is not only trendy but can also be highly valuable, especially if skilled artisans handcraft it. Like recently, in an auction of Zaha Hadid-designed furniture, each piece was sold for over $30,000. 

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