18 Most Haunted Places In America

In many historic American cities, ghost tours are a popular attraction for those seeking spooky experiences. Travelers often center their trips around these tours. The stories of lingering spirits in hotels, parks, and other places may send a chill down your spine. Even if you don’t witness anything paranormal, you’ll still enjoy the haunting past of these locations.

New Orleans, Louisiana

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The haunted history of New Orleans dates back to the 1800s. It is steeped in the tales of spirits lingering in churches, hospitals, and even homes. From vampire legends to encounters with notable ghosts like William Faulkner, the city captivates with its eerie atmosphere and stories of the supernatural.

Dudleytown, Connecticut

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Dudleytown is an abandoned colonial village in Connecticut. This place holds a dark past from the colonial era to the late 1800s. Tragic events, including massacres, epidemics, and rumors of demonic possessions in the surrounding woods, contribute to its reputation. The city is a magnet for those seeking a brush with the paranormal.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago skyline with skyscrapers viewed from Lincoln Park over lake.
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Chicago’s haunted reputation stems from tragic events like the Iroquois Theater fire in 1903 and the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929. The infamous “Murder Castle” of H.H. Holmes, a serial killer, adds to the city’s allure. Plus, the city reports paranormal energy, thereby attracting ghost hunters and thrill-seekers alike.

Pine Barrens, New Jersey

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The Pine Barrens has a dark history dating back to the 18th century. This place is infamous for the Jersey Devil legend and haunted tales of abandoned factories and towns. Sightings of the legendary creature with bat wings and hooves and stories of a 1928 plane crash contribute to the area’s eerie ambiance and lingering sense of fear.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, holds a haunted past from the late 1800s. The hotel was transformed into a health resort by a salesman known as Norman Baker. Many people died in his care as he offered cures to various diseases without proper medical training.

Pawleys Island, South Carolina

The home along Rainbow Row in Charleston, South Carolina. These Georgian style homes are brightly painted in direct sunlight.
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Pawleys Island, known for its serene beaches, also harbors dark tales of the Gray Man. This mysterious figure supposedly warns of impending hurricanes. Ghost stories and sightings add a chilling dimension to this coastal retreat, captivating visitors with its haunting history.

Savannah, Georgia

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Savannah’s historic homes and inns bear witness to its past, with rumors of former residents’ spirits still residing there. This place is famous for haunted hotels like the Marshall House to eerie encounters at Moon River Brewing Company. The city’s ghostly reputation draws paranormal enthusiasts seeking a spine-tingling experience.

Long Beach, California

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The RMS Queens Mary is a historic ocean liner docked in Long Beach in the 1960s. It is known as America’s most haunted hotel. Visitors encounter ghostly apparitions and unexplained phenomena, adding a chilling twist to the ship’s storied past. One of the creepiest sights in the hotel is its first-class swimming pool which remains empty because of California laws. However, this area has reported the most sightings.

Asheville, North Carolina

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The Biltmore Estate, a grand mansion completed in 1895, holds the title of the largest privately owned house in the country. Legends talk about the Vanderbilt family ancestors haunting its halls. The tales of Edith Vanderbilt’s ghost calling out for her husband George, and sightings of his apparition in his former study are quite famous.

St. Augustine, Florida

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Established in 1565, St. Augustine teems with ghostly lore. The St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum is said to be haunted by girls who drowned there in the 1870s. Visitors also report eerie encounters at Castle Warden, now home to Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, with ghost tours offering a chance to explore the city’s spectral side.

Boise, Idaho

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The Old Idaho State Penitentiary, operational until 1973, harbors a dark history of inmate hardships and fatalities. Reports of ghostly phenomena linger within its wall. It gives a chilling reminder of its tumultuous past.

French Lick, Indiana

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Once a health resort, the French Lick Springs is rumored to be haunted by its former owner, Thomas Taggart, and a spectral bellhop. Many guests have recounted sightings of apparitions which have added an unsettling layer to the hotel’s storied past.

Salem, Massachusetts

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Famed for its witch trials, Salem boasts a reputation as one of America’s most haunted cities. Locations like Lyceum Hall are allegedly haunted by trial victim Bridget Bishop. Another location called Howard Street Cemetery is said to be haunted by Giles Corey. These haunted tales offer glimpses into Salem’s past on ghost tours.

San Antonia, Texas

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The Battle of the Alamo left a lasting mark on San Antonio. The city reports of soldier apparitions and mysterious sounds echoing at the historic site. Nearby, the Emily Morgan Hotel, once a hospital, is believed to harbor ghostly guests where a woman in white can be seen in the halls. This adds to the city’s haunted allure.

Villisca, Iowa

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The Villisca Ax-Murder House, a site of grisly 1912 crime, remains shrouded in mystery and fear. Eight lives were lost, and tales of paranormal activity persist. This makes it Iowa’s most haunted destination.

Atchison, Kansas

MANHATTEN, KS, USA - NOVEMBER 3, 2022: Anderson Hall and Administration on the campus of Kansas State University.
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Sallie House, named after a tragic patent, bears the ghostly legacy of a botched surgery. The doctor had performed the surgery for appendicitis before the anesthetics kicked in. Visitors recount encounters with the spirit of Sally. She was a young girl who met a tragic end and haunts the house to this day.

Waverly Hills, Kentucky

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The Waverly Hills Sanatorium used to offer refuge for tuberculosis patients. This place now echoes with ghostly whispers of its past. Stories of apparitions and paranormal occurrences draw brave souls seeking a glimpse into its haunted history.

Washington, D.C

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The nation’s capital harbors its spectral secrets. There have been reports of ghostly sightings at the White House. The tales tell the story of President Lincoln’s ghost in the Lincoln Bedroom to apparitions of first ladies Dolley Madison and Abigail Adams, tending to their former home. Other allegedly haunted locations include the National Building Museum, the Congressional Cemetery, and other official buildings. D.C.’s ghostly tales offer a haunted glimpse into its storied past.

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