Top 10 Most Unfriendly States in the US

The people in the US are known for being friendly. They smile at you and say hello to you even when they don’t know you.

In this blog, we will talk about some of the least welcoming states in the USA. We have ranked these states based on population density, cultural sensitivity, friendly ranking, and tourist experiences.


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With its picturesque landscapes and snow-covered mountains, Alaska is breathtakingly beautiful. However, the state falls behind when it comes to being friendly.

Falling at number 37 on the friendly ranking, Alaska is known for being rude and hostile toward tourists and service workers. Even though its major economy depends on tourism, most tourists do not feel welcome here. Alaskans mostly “want to be left alone.”


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Enjoy Travel explains, “Arkansas is a friendly state if – and emphasis on if – you’re local.” At number 49, Arkansas has a very homogenous population, which makes outsiders and tourists feel unwelcome.

There are several other factors contributing to its unfriendliness. Conservative political climate, opinions toward social issues such as LGBTQ rights, and economic factors-all of which affect the overall unfriendly attitude of the state.

Arkansas also has some of the most violent crime rates in the country. Plus, the overcrowding in jails is leading to the release of offenders without completing their sentences. It has led to even more violence in the state.


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California is the dream state of every artist. Besides its limelight, surreal beaches, mountains, and on-the-go events lure tourists. The residents, not so much.

Most people in California come to the state aspiring to be something. When they fail, it shows in their behavior. Their friendly ranking currently stands at number 40.

California is cramped. So most people will not even care if they are rude to you only because they might never see you again. This unwelcoming attitude often turns tourists off.


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Coming at number 38 in the friendly ranking, the people of Connecticut are generally nice and more reserved than outright friendly. The high cost of living and less interaction in community settings might contribute to its unwelcoming feel.

The people of Connecticut believe in minding their own business, which may come off as rude to outsiders. They seem to care so much about themselves and what others think of them that they do not delve into other people’s business, which is equally good and bad. As long as you prefer exploring the state on your own, you should be fine.

New Jersey

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The residents of New Jersey are often considered rude by tourists and outsiders. People primarily criticize the state for its directness in communication and the industrial landscape, which might not seem warm or welcoming. Sure, not everybody there acts so bluntly, but many do. That is probably why the state is at number 46 on the friendly ranking.

One of the reasons for the state’s abrasive attitude is the high cost of living and concentrated area. There are so many people and no space to fit them in. So, if you are frustrated and want to vent it out, you should probably skip New Jersey.


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While its friendly ranking is 21, Alabama still has some lowdowns that make the state unfriendly. Worker’s rights are limited, and there is not much protection against discrimination. It is also one of the unhealthiest states in America. There is not too much to say about the state’s slow progress.

If you are visiting Alabama, one of the things you need to remember is that if you are friendly, everyone is pleasant to you.

New York

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Who does not love New York? The concrete jungles, the bustling city life, and the ever-so-happening shenanigans attract tons of tourists to the Big Apple. But if you are visiting New York to meet friendly people, don’t.

New York is possibly one of the most unfriendly states in the US, and it shows in its rankings, standing at number 50. The fast-paced lifestyle plays a pivotal role in this. The residents, according to most tourists, are mostly judgmental, narcissistic, and downright bullies. They will surely be cordial, but only to your face when they want something from you.


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Although standing at number 18 in the friendly ranking, there have been many instances where the state has come off as unfriendly. The diversity between urban and rural areas can lead to a perceived lack of friendliness, particularly in cities like Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania is a study in contrasts, with bustling urban centers like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh on one end, and sprawling rural areas on the other. City residents are often rushed and can appear indifferent. It can seem unfriendly, especially to visitors who are used to a slower, more personal interaction. It also generates cultural and communal feuds, which can be rude to outsiders.


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The residents of Missouri are generally friendly, sometimes even friendlier than other states we discussed above. That’s why it’s standing at a friendly ranking of 21. However, it is not the case every time.

The violent crime rates in the state are a factor in this, which brushes off most tourists. It is also a culturally sensitive state. It differs between its city areas, like Kansas City and St. Louis, and its rural regions. This difference shows in how people think and act about social topics, politics, and how they live daily.

These differences can make Missouri seem divided culturally, making the state feel less welcoming to newcomers or even to its residents from different parts.

New Mexico

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Surprisingly, New Mexico is number 1 on our list, even with a friendly ranking of 17. One of the reasons is the increasing crime rates in the state.

Moreover, the state population has been stagnant in the past decade, showing a lack of immigrants. There are also not a lot of volunteer opportunities for people, which makes it highly challenging for people wanting to work here.

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